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This video probably displays me very well.

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Cant watch at work, content blocked. I will take your word on it. Bill Dance does some dumb stuff....but he does catch some hawgs.

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OMG... I didn't laugh as hard as I could have because that's been MY week!

1) For the first time I caught NOTHING after 5 hours in the best spot around... went to ask someone to use a phone to call for a cab and realized that there was no one around at the most popular spot in the area. I had a doctor's appointment in 90 minutes so I had to do something in a hurry...

2) Humped my gear 2 miles down the road after wading for 4 hours... chaffed me to no end. Got to the canoe rental place where I intended to use the phone... they were closed!?!?!?! I'd never seen them closed before, ever...

3) Limped my chaffed backside down to the boat ramp and found a guy parked there who was waiting to start a conference call for his job (he was a field guy and used a cell phone). Finally got a cab on the way.

4) Cab arrives far too late to make the appointment...

5) Closed the last foot of my medium rod in the cab's trunk hinge, snapping it.

6) A few days later, the owner of my local bait shop offers to swap me out my rod for free because they had some extras that had come with busted reels... nice folks, they always take great care of the customers... jsut need to get that rod into them later.

7) Caught nothing but one fish yesterday, a 2 lb largemouth that I mistakenly kept, thinking he was larger...

8) Changed my mind about eating the 2 lb bass and threw him in the fish tank overnight, alone. He did great for over 14 hours and was cruising the bottom good and strong up unitil about 30 minutes before I was to go fishing and release him. I checked the PH in the water right then, all was fine. I saw a worm on the ground in the back yard, picked it up and decided to let him have a snack. 15 seconds after dropping the worm in the tank, the fish swam to the other end of the tank and pointed nose up in a way that had my housemate and I thinking he was going to go for broke and leap out (he was looking perfectly healthy and strong to that point). 10 seconds later, he rolled over and died. No known explaination... either something on my hands when I did the ph check or somthing on that worm, like a pesticide... had to be.

9) Went fishing today and lost a lure in the trees... broke the line and carefully picked my best worm out, rigged it and took a cast... which promptly snagged on a stump. Got disgusted and went to snap the line again but the line didn't break... instead, the rod snapped in half, right in the middle!!! This was the rod that was to be replaced for free tomorrow (Monday). DOH!

After watching this video I can tell you one thing... the old saying is true. Misery DOES love company! At least this way I know it's not just me!


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;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

The wife got me 3 of his blooper DVD's amd I must say if you liked that you will love the DVD's. All that footage and alot more can be seen on them

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I went from laughing with tears in my eyes from the TM escapade to jumping out of my chair when the snake fell in his lap....

Such a good clip!

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