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Lunkerville embraces CAST For Kids!!!

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I am VERY happy to announce that Mike D. from Lunkerville has offered to get involved and help spread the word.

Lunkerville has offered to.....

Do a special show of a CAST event.

Do a mini segment specifically about CAST for the water channel, independent of Lunkerville.

Do a show on me in RI which will include lots of BR and CAST discussion.

Help find me a host in NY!!



I have been wanting to get an event in NY since I started with CAST. Lots of great folks in NY and lots who fish so lets cross our fingers and hope we can establish somthing this year.


A special "THANK YOU" to Mike D. for his commitment to our sport and for his commitment to the kids. Mike, we won't let you down and you will not be sorry.


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As Muddy would say..........

Thanks Craig.  You can refer anyone interested to www.castforkids.org for more info or pass along this number.



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That's terrific, Job well done!

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Russ I sent you a PM about Cast for Kids in NY

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I got a few PM's from some NY members and I'm going to answer everything here.

What we mainly need is a host.

The host is like the chairman of the board.  He sets up a committee of 3-8 people.  CAST has a guide for the committee to follow that leaves NOTHING out.  It explains every step and where you should be according to your planning timeline.

Things like Food, entertainment, grounds, boat captains, fund raising.

The fund raising involved is roughly $2500 to hold a 40 kid event.  Wal-Mart donates $1k to just about every event so that's almost 1/2 the money in one shot.  The rest comes from Banks, insurance companies, bass clubs, etc, wherever your people can raise it from.

The kids come from local agencies like make-a- wish, etc.  The volunteers, well they come from EVERYWHERE and will beg you to help again next year.

At first glance, this seems a bit toverwhelming but I speak from experience when I say, it's alot of phone calls, alot of drop-ins and a TON of smiles.  The hard work really doesn't seem so hard once you do it and especially after you experience the day.  I found myself planning my 2007 event the very next day.  This year it is going to be sooo much easier.  People are jumping to be a part of ity now that we are established in the area.  Getting the 1st one is the goal, the future builds itself after that.

Anyone who holds an event under me will also recieve additional help.  I made some key contacts this year and their organizations are willing to come help with your event also.  If you really want to do this, we'll talk.

Those of you who aren't up to being a host but would like to volunteer your time can go to the website and look up the list of events.  If there is one near you, let me know and i will put you in touch with the host.

Hope I didn't leave anything out, I appreciate the interest and thanks for your ear.

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Russ, here is the contact information for NY BASS Federation Nation, I will be seeing  Mickey  and Pam this  Febuary  in Birminghham. They are great people and I'm sure be helpful in getting the Innagural NY CAST For Kids off and running.

Pam Bliss

president@nybassfed.com  1746 Addison Back Rd, Addison, NY 14801 607-359-3947 home

607-765-1128 cell

Vice President Ted Barth

vp@nybassfed.com   80 Wellsville St., Bolivar, NY 14715  585-928-2803

Treasurer Pam Bliss

treasurer@nybassfed.com  1746 Addison Back Rd, Addison, NY 14801 607-359-3947

Secretary Sue Good

secretary@nybassfed.com  9839 Rt. 98, Alexander, NY 14005 585-343-3765

Past President Wayne Tomassi

waynet@nybassfed.com  177 Barmore Road, Lagrangeville, NY 12540 845-677-4130

Youth  Mickey Fortunato

youth@nybassfed.com   123 Boyden St. , Syracuse,  NY 13203  315-416-4262  

****all copied from the nybassfed.com  website

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That Rocks LBH!!!!!....Man, all we gotta do is just sit back and see "whats next" from you!  ;) Good job Russ.


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Lunkerville is excited to be involved with Cast for Kids and look forward to spreading the word about this good cause. And yes, we plan on doing a show with Russ, so look out everyone...we are coming to RI to party!

And be prepared to see a bunch of new shows in 2007 with people you know from here and other popular bass fishing forums, because that's what we're all about: real people and real fish stories!

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