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Sorry to ask so many, Just putting some of this to use.

OK Catt; We have 2 prominet break lines in a natural lake I fish up state NY, On has a 3 ft kind of ledge then is slopes to 16 ft ( Max Depth) .It follows the shore line and then there is a very productive weedy flats area between the break line and the shore in 9 ft of water. That sie then drops off, very gradually into 14 ft of water.

The sharper of the 2 has some cover on it in the form of 2 sunken row boats and the other side is best close to the weedy falts,

Now the questions

When fishing those boats, or even an underwater hump: Is one angle better than the other ( deeper side first)?

Or should yo fish it from all sides?

The side on the Weedy flats, better to fish paralell to the shore, or vertical jig the break point?



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Fish it from all sides depending on the types of lures you are using. Fish parrallel to the ledges as well. Choose which side to fish first based on the current stage you feel the bass are in, recent weather, current flow, etc.

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I prefer to fish uphill when I can. Sitting shallow casting deep.

That's me  ;)

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Muddy I'll put something together after this @#%&*^$# in the gulf is gone and we'll spank this problem properly unless y'all want to give me something to read while I'm gone.

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