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noob questions about shore/pond fishing in fall.

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picked up fishing last year from a buddy. Just worm and hook fishing for Cats, i was hooked the first time i actualy caught one. this year spent ALOT of weekends out at the lake catfishing(catch alot of deffernt fish on just a hook and worm) then i moved into a condo with a lake  ;D screw the condo i got a lake filled with bass.   8-)

moved in at end of august, never caught a LMB till then, and i tell ya the fishin was good 1-3# mostly, but snagged a 5# on my UL i bought just for fishing the pond.

The pond is 1-2acre tear drop shape, no motor boats(dont got a boat yet anyways) pond is an old strip pit from 50yrs ago and was told is 35ft deep strip in it.

Now its almost the end of october. 3weeks and only fish i pulled out was a 1# perch, is my fishing over for the year? Ive tried everything in my tackle box(im a buyaholic) Please help me, my noob butt need to land some more fish before it gets to cold :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Absolutely not winter can be outstanding fishing anywhere as long as the water aint in solid form.

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I know your pain, I'm a shore fishermen too. Since now that it's getting cold the fish are moving deeper but, from my experience on sunny day's the fish will move closer to shore during the day and move back out during the nights. I usually get most of my catches about 5-7 o' clock and the sunsets at 6:45pm now and days. So right before night fall that's when they're most active. My lure of choice is a white spinner bait with a quad(4) willow leaf blade or a combination of the willow leaf and colorado blade. Just don't give up on the lure and also try casting into dying weeds, don't be scared of it. As soon as u feel some weeds on your lure just give a hard jerk to shake it off your lure, no biggie.

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Spinnerbaits are a good choice, I also like rat-l-trap and a weightless senko worm are also good. Do you know where it drops down to 35 ft? The one pond I fish it's 2-3 ft. deep out  about 10 ft. from shore then it's a drop-off to about 8- 10 ft. deep. That ledge there is my best spot all year or till it freezes over. ;)

It took me a good 2 months to find that one sweet spot. The rest of the pond holds decent fish but not like that ledge.  

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The ponds I fish here in Missouri have been very active early evening.  Been having great luck with buzz baits and top water lures.  Also having pretty decent luck with spinners baits, just trying to keep them right below the surface.

Later, :)

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Throw Nighcrawlers.

Fish them on the bottom.

Put them under a bobber at different levels.

Fish them shallow along the shore.

See what you catch.

Try to find where the fish are and if they are in the pond.

Then, you will know what fish are in the pond and at what depth.

Try topwaters in early AM and late PM. Cavitron buzzbaits are excellent.

Try "dead sticking" a Senko or a finesse worm. Just throw it out and let it sit for 60 to 120 seconds and then give it a twitch and let it sit again for 60 to 120 seconds and give it another twitch, etc.

Try a deep diving crankbait.

Have you thrown a Carolina rig with a tungston weight to feel the bottom?  If not, then do so to get an idea of what is on the bottom. Tungston weights are excellent for feeling the bottom.

And use a graphite rod as it has a lot of feel in it to help the tungston weight communicate with your fingers.

Do you see any minnows or catch any bream?  Match the hatch with your plastics and hard baits.

You now have a challenge to map out your pond; locate the most productive places to fish; and try to find any structure under the water that will hold the fish.

Easier said than done.  :)

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