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bass morphological constraints.

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I've got a homework assignment for my fish ecology class but i'm having a hard time coming up with some morphological constraints for largemouths.

As an example so you know what I'm talking about, the shape of sunfish makes it harder for prey to engulf and swallow but this shape isn't very conducive to fast acceleration or fast cruising like the shape of a pike would be.

Largemouth seem to have an all around generalist morphology, so i can't think of any constraints. Any suggestions?

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You could compare the shapes of the heads and disproportional size

of smallmouth tails compared to it's lazy green cousin. Smallmouth

are triathletes and have considerably different water dynamics than

the fat couch potato. The most obvious morphological constraint for

green trout is their fat bellies: perfect for floating around like a glob

of blubber; built for comfort, not speed. This is why largemouth are

generally hiding in flat water waiting for something to swim by, they

are way too lazy for work!

Although some bruisers are caught on smaller baits, I like fishing

big baits. I think largemouth would prefer a big meal so they can

sit around (suspend) and do the fish equivalent of sleep. This is

one of the reasons big Cali bass are so hard to catch. Dimwitted

trout swim around in the deep water so those bass only need to

come in shallow to spawn. Adapting to morphological constraints

is easy when nutritional needs are so readily available with so

little effort.


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Good responses above: Comparing SM with LM is a great way to highlight one or both. The second provides an understanding of LM hunting behavior.

Here's another tact, as per your initial thoughts:


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You might also want to address the temperature preferences of bass and how it dictates their behavior and presents limitations.

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Black bass family are sunfish. LMB, SMB are very similar, short stocky body shape that has evouled to make sharp turns and short burst of speed to catch prey in or near cover. Compare a true bass like a striped bass, longer body designed to make fast forward speed to catch prey in open water. Musky or pike are both long body predators deigned to make quick starts, fins near the tail and fast longer runs to chase down prey in open water. Good luck with your study.


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