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Lil Baby Cousin Ray-Ray

Rigging a Swimbait straight

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I decided to give the swimbait thing a shot so i bought a pack of money minnows. they were cheaper than most others. I am beginning to get frustrated because i cant get them to swim straight. they come in a pack of 4 and i have already ruined 2 hooking it and unhooking it to get it straight. anyone know an easy way to hook these things straight.

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Before hooking the bait:

1. Measure up your hook and make a mental note of where the hook will go through the body when its rigged.

2.  Take a small knife, razor, scissors, ect., and slice open the belly about a 1/2" or so in either direction of where the hook will insert into the belly.  (Works well with hollow baits, solid baits need to be sliced through to almost 1/8" to the back.)

3.  Run the hook through the nose and out the bottom like you would normally but do not runt the weighted portion through the nose.  It causes too much damage, this should allow the baits to last longer. Just run the eye of the hook up through the belly portion and through the nose.

4.  Now push the hook end centered through the back through the split belly.  The split belly bait will still right true and give the hook less plastic to go through on hook sets.

5.  I personally use a sure set style treble hook rigged on the main swimbait hook off the bottom of the swimbait after several incidents of loosing fish by not getting a good hookset.

Hope this helps out!

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