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Scorpion 1500/1000 Vs Curado E

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Really only looking for insight from those who have used these reels (not just philosophical points about cost)...

Is the Scorpion 1500 (or even the 1000) $150 better than a Curado E? And yes...I know there are a million ramifications to that question. I have extensive experience with the Curados, and a friend who has the older Scorpion (comparable to the B series Curados) definitely likes it better that the US Curados (in fact he sold all of his Curado Bs but kept his older Scorpion).

In short, was it worth it for those of you that took the plunge? Thanks, and I look forward to plenty of "posse" opinions!

PS: Yes, I did a search, and found info on the Scorpions, but none that directly addressed the issue of whether the extra cost was justified.

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$150 better? I see used scorpions turn up on flea markets once in a while for around $125 or less.

A quick ebay search turned this one up for the first item...


In the same ballpark as the Curado E, and a little more expensive than the B.

Whether it's higher price compared to the B is justified or not; I have no idea.

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I have a Scorpion 1000 super tuned. I would just as soon have another

Curado 50E.


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