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  1. I was out last Sunday. Water temps 59-61. Some smallmouth were on beds. I caught three 18's and three 19's. Three on pink wacky worm and three on drop shot. I was sight fishing most, but for a few, I was making long casts toward isolated reeds where there might be a bed. I caught a few smaller largemouth in reeds. It was a great big fish day, but I struggled to find largemouths of any size. If history is an indicator I may have one or two good trips coming then a couple of weeks where I am sure every fish has died.
  2. I believe Watson was in danger of not making the tour next year anyway because of his AOY standings over the last few years. He wouldn't be there if they cut to the top 60 like they were talking. Except for Toledo Bend he has consistently been near the bottom of most events. He is more notable now for his antics than his fishing. Seems like an attention grab on his part because he can't compete. He will now go on multiple podcasts and play the victim. I enjoy listening to him and think he is hilarious, but no big loss for the tour. He doesn't seem able to compete in the FFS age.
  3. If you fish where there are large toothy critters, not worth it. I loved the old Terminator Titanium Spinnerbaits. They seemed to last forever and could handle pike. Spinnerbaits built with thin wire often don't make it through a small pike encounter and often bend after a good smallmouth. I throw many different brands with good luck. I have had good luck with the Hack Attack heavy cover baits and have bought some old Terminator Titaniums from eBay (Definitely High End)!
  4. I like a slight breeze or a good wind of 10-20 mph. I don't fish big water so that is doable. When the wind blows I pick up a spinnerbait and a crankbait and throw it all day. On the lakes I am on it works. I hit rocky areas, reeds, and large weed flats near drop-offs. On windy days I seem to catch a mix of Large and Smallmouth often in the same area. Big toothy critters are more active also. Overall I catch more wacky worming on calmer days but fishing on windy days is my favorite.
  5. Got out Saturday. Very light rain most of the day. Best bite of the year. The water temp was 66 degrees. Fished reeds, and weed beds, and tried rocks. Best luck was over weeds. Threw spinner bait all day. Never needed to try anything else so I didn't. I was the only boat on the water until I left and someone was putting in. Hoping to get out a few more times. Fall is my favorite time, but also when I get to fish the least.
  6. Fished some Friday through Sunday. Early morning bite was good on Friday. Threw a shallow running crank bait for the first time in a long time and caught quite a few on it. Later threw an OG Slim (6 ft) along weed lines and did pretty well. Saturday I put on a big swim bait and threw it looking for a big toothy critter. Caught a 20 inch small mouth and nothing else. Water temps were around 80-82. Still fairly calm. When the wind picks up a little the bite is better. Seems like I have had a lot of flat, hot days which I don't like much.
  7. I think they tear quickly compared to Big Bite baits and many of the other brands I use.
  8. I bought some Terminator Titanium Spinnerbaits off Ebay. The pike said thank you ?
  9. I was out last Tuesday night through Thursday morning. Weather was HOT. Fishing was not. Tried a little bit of everything, wacky worming, drop shot, crankbait, spinnerbait....... Had one night where clouds came in and a little breeze and I wrecked them on a white spinnerbait with grub trailer. Other than that 2 hour stretch it was brutal. Wednesday night a storm rolled through and Thursday was clear and sunny. Thursday morning might have been the worst fishing I can remember. I also could not take anymore sun. Fished some Saturday and it was better. Steady with a nice mix of largemouth and smallmouth. Weather looks to be getting hot again so I am taking a break until later in the week. I really need some clouds and wind! On a side note I may be the Jacob Wheeler of Rock Bass. It doesn't matter what I throw I can catch em!
  10. My secret to catching fish is that I spend a lot of time on the water not catching fish?.
  11. PIC HEAVY. I have been out at least 3 times a week the last 4 weeks. I would say fishing has been steady. Almost every thing I catch is by weeds. I always fish in 10 feet of water or less. Spinner bait, wacky worm or drop-shot has caught almost everything. Have been lucky and caught a few nice big toothy critters. I carry a Musky Net in case I need it. I fish alone 90% of the time (except for my dog) so netting is interesting. It is also why all pictures are the same pose.? I have one spot on my console that phone will stand and then use the 3 second timer. The last couple trips, weather has been cooler. Numbers down but still a few good ones mixed in. Quite a few grinder days.
  12. Fished Thursday, Friday. Went to Leech lake Thursday. It was cool and windy to start the day. Fished Sucker. Bay as it is the closest launch to my campground. First time I have ever fished it. Everything looks good which makes it hard. Caught 33 bass in 6 hours. Mostly smaller fish. Biggest was 17 inches. Ended up catching most on docks. Friday was back to my normal water. Bass seemed to be more in their summer spots. Weed lines and drop offs near weeds. None in reeds. Weeds seem way ahead of schedule. Biggest were 19.5 and 19 inch smallmouth. 18 inch largemouth. Caught two of the three on a jerk bait and third on a wacky worm. Steady bite. Not great but not poor. Mornings were cool for a change. Finally got to wear a sweatshirt.
  13. Rock Bass, Pike, lots of both of these. Then an occasional crappie, perch, bluegill and musky. By-catch has never bothered me. I like action and catching fish. When I am catching a lot of rock bass I am usually catching a lot of LM and SM. I love big pike. Great fight and they hit hard. I carry a musky net in my boat. I open it every windy, cloudy day when I am throwing a spinnerbait. I figure I may only get 1 chance every few years and I want to be ready!
  14. Was out Friday, Saturday and Sunday up North again. Was out about 4 hours each day. Slower then last week. Caught around 60 fish for 3 days combined. Probably 60% LM, 30% SM and 10% pike and rock bass. Fish seem scattered. Not in the reeds anymore. Caught most fish near or in what I call cabbage weeds. Spinnerbait and wacky worm accounted for most. Best fish was a 19 inch smallmouth on a dropshot. Personally I would take a few cloudy days. I have had almost nothing but sun.
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