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  1. Same I need to stop looking at my tackle and watching YouTube videos it's killing me lol
  2. Wow started this thread 2 years ago and it's still going strong haven't been on here in a long time. Just thought I would say hello to everyone and hope you're all staying warm.
  3. Been out a few times got a few smallmouth and a couple largemouth also the pike are bitting like crazy
  4. I don't think that record will ever be broken. Ive never seen anything close to that size or even heard of anything close to that size in Michigan lol
  5. I've always wanted to fish both torch and skegemog but it's all the way on the other side of the state and idk if my boat is big enough. I have fished skegemog but only from shore for a very short tine. Both lakes are absolutely beautiful
  6. Hey everyone I have a quantum e770pt reel on a 7foot heavy bass mojo.i use this as my primary frog rod, but the thing is is that the brakes are really touchy. When going from a frog to a jig it's hard to dial it in so there's no backlash. Do you think that if I had it cleaned and lubed it would work better? Or should I just start looking for a replacement reel?
  7. Went on a random trip this weekend up north and caught my PB LM 4.7lbs pure michigan
  8. Me and my best friend at lakeville lake this pas Saturday. Nothin better than catching lunkers at the same time
  9. Casting.. i just started getting into casting rods this year i have a heavy mojo and a medium cranking duckett so far.
  10. Been really thinking about getting a medium heavy extra fast rod. Just wanna now what you guys think it would be good for other than plastics.
  11. Anybody that fishes lakeville lake have any tips or good spots they would like to share?
  12. Hey everyone i was wondering if the color of a frog really mattered. I just started frog fishing last year and i have a few different sizes and colors the one i seem to have most luck on is a lunker hunter bullfrog color. So my question is does the color actually matter like ive seen some purple ones and some real unnatural looking ones. Is their a preferred color?
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