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  1. My wife does a rhubarb crisp often with oats on top. It sure is good, granted I’ve never actually seen a rhubarb
  2. That one is doubly disqualified, mouth not closed and a tail transplant
  3. Never had the grizzly myself but I’ve heard they are very heavy, which probably equates to tough as nails. I wouldn’t get it if I needed to pick it up or go super shallow but probably great for 99% of applications (again, second hand info)
  4. Once she’s on pad start trimming up in small increments and mph and rpm will increase, you can hear it. When it blows out of the water it will rev up , that’s when you’ve trimmed up just barely too much. then go back down just a touch and you’re at the Goldilocks setting of trim
  5. @gimruis, that’s low for top end RPM, was the motor trimmed all the way down ?
  6. Seems like I recall a high fin carpsucker in the literature as well, I’ve never seen any of the true sucker fish in person besides nothern hog sucker, a small fish (excellent SMB live bait) didnt realize there was water on this planet without buffalo, what a blessing ! 😂 We are overloaded with them at every turn, some people just walk into the water and grab them with their hands
  7. A kayak is never dead if you’ve got a paddle 😂
  8. Nice trip @king fisher! Junebug worm > spinnerbait ……. @Functional also nice trip, I’d say 4 spots
  9. I saw a rabbit right outside the garden box at moms, every thing inside still lush. I told her about it and she said she’s seen tons of bunnies and an adult rabbit frequently, I don’t think they can jump in and back out. We saw rabbits at my old job that would get stuck in enclosures that you would think they could easily jump out of. The deer are a different story but they don’t walk into yards much here, they probably know they would end up on a grill . In west Knoxville they tapdance all thru everyone’s yard and eat their landscaping down to the ground 😂
  10. So water out in the middle you can just litter into 😂 probably a typo is my guess maybe supposed to be bank/water?
  11. I got a nice LM doing they when they first started hatching, minus the zebco. I cast them sometimes and they just fly with my hook 😂
  12. I guess it was take your wife fishing day , she got a 30” carp that weighed 12.6 lbs with her 5 wt fly rod and a popping bug. They are still cruising around slurping cicadas then we took a long boat ride up toward the next dam and saw a domestic duck of all things, pretty backdrop. Then on our way back home we stopped to eat at the marina and a band was playing, they were pretty awesome Then, when we pulled back up to the dock, the Catfish line was bent and I got a decent little blue cat with a bluegill for bait. Fillets in the fridge!!!
  13. We are having a torrential downpour right now, much like yesterday and the day before 😂 . My little hound dog is not a fan of the thunder
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