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  1. Finally got back out there a couple times this last week--these few rain days have been much needed for my ponds. Got a couple over 4; one the other night on a wakebait during those tornado-like winds and one this morning, right before the morning's storms rolled in, on a frog.
  2. This is absolutely fantastic, great work Gramps. So good to see young kids catching--this kid will remember this day and be an angler for LIFE. I only hope I'll be able to put my grandkids on fish like this and give them lifelong memories of Grampa. Bravo,, hats off to you slonez.
  3. I thought for sure there'd be a good bite yesterday before the storms rolled in so I got out there. One cast, the rod about gets snatched outta my hand and I think Oh, this is a good one...until I feel the fight and finally lay eyes on her... I guess swimbaits don't only catch bigguns 🤣
  4. Thanks, man I could not believe the build on this fish when I pulled her outta this litle pond. I"ve always called that build a "tank," but "battleship" is SO much better and of course apropos. I'll use that from now on! They are! My last PB was a few ounces smaller, April of 2019. Took me almost five years to stick a bigger one, feels great.
  5. Kinda rough weather in northern IL today but I've been on this 3-day weather pattern the last couple weeks (fishing the 3rd day of warm day/warmish night trend) and today is the target day. I decided to send this Jackall Gantarel knockoff (it's a super-slow sink, not a floater) and got lucky with my new PB! Went 20.75" and 5.77lbs. Water's less than 2ft visibility in this pond right now, off-and-on drizzle with 10-20mph NNE winds. I was using a moderate retrieve with pauses every three handle turns or so (reel, reel, reel, pause...let it glide off to the side and stall a couple seconds, then reel, reel...) She hit it right when I started reeling after a pause. She didn't TANK it, but it was a good double-tap. Thanks for reading! God is great!!!
  6. I got out today--been planning this one for about a week. Finally got a couple nights of (semi)warm weather so the water temps were able to stay up a bit. Found two over 20" in less than 2ft of water on the north (windblown) shoreline. Bluegill-colored chatterbait got it done, 20mph gusts. 70 degrees while I was out there, CRASHING to the low 20s tonight after this storm runs through. My first open-water fish of the season!
  7. Finally got that bit of rain the other day; my pond levels went up maybe a couple inches, not a ton but really makes a difference in these ponds. Took my own advice from my last post and decided to stop force-feeding them big baits--went finesse with the 5-inch Yamasenko and found a decent bite (18.5", 3.52lb).
  8. Has this season been as tough for everyone else as it has for me?? These high-sky/no wind/drought conditions have been royally kicking my butt; I'd definitely do better if I threw some finessier stuff, but I just keep force-feeding em jigs, frogs and big baits. I've only caught three picture-worthy fish over the last month-plus: a 4.11lb on the Tiny Klash and a 3.7 and 3.11 on the frog. Man we need a week of consistent rain in the WORST way in my neck of the woods. Good luck and tight lines to everyone; unfortunately for me, no rain in the forecast for at least the next ten days. I'm DYING over here fellas, somebody go get some for me ha!
  9. Yeah those do look nice--I'm learning there's a whole other baitmonkey rabbit hole to go down with hair jigs.
  10. SOLID fish, man, legit tanks! Great write-up about the patterns you're on too, very helpful. You're on 'em early!
  11. Finally got my first of the season--the float-and-fly got it done in a small neighborhood pond. I've been out a bunch but still haven't gotten bit on the big baits, but it's coming. Got a trip planned for next Friday to my PB lake, a forest preserve spot in the area. Almost certain that'll be the day. Good luck everyone, the bite's not far off.
  12. What's the thing with the banana in the boat? I know I've heard it, I just can't remember--good luck or something? Beautiful fish and nice trip.
  13. Back to life--maybe in the last 14 years someone has come up with thoughts?
  14. The balance is good on them, hookup rate has been 100% for me so far. Every once in a while you'll have to reposition the hook, as it'll roll to the side a little bit and the point will catch the skin of the dorsal fin it's hidden under. That'll cause it to be off-balance. A cool thing about it is the belly-weighted hook they use is keeled on the bottom, so it'll usually sit in an upright kinda tail-up posture when you pause it and it settles on bottom; hop it along and it mimics a bottom-foraging gill. A few fish catches will start to tear the nose out; once that happens I'll redo it with a 6/0 screwlock beast hook, works about as well. I'd say get a few--they slayed during the fall bite, I bet they will during pre-, midspawn and postspawn too.
  15. I was just on the ice yesterday--about 4 inches in the pond I fished, and with the look-ahead weather, man, that might've been the last day of safe ice this season. 60° next Wednesday! I'm actually sad to see the ice go; I only got out once this winter and I have a buddy who's never been. I planned to take him out in a couple weeks, but sadly it looks like we'll have to hold off til next year.
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