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  1. Probably a just my preference but I like my Cara’s more then my exprides. Don’t know for sure if there more sensitive or not.
  2. I have three of the 2.0’s I like them. Wouldn’t mind trying out one of the new ones.
  3. I still adjust it on mine. It’s just a touch tighter then how I would normally set it.
  4. I’ll also add with mine I had to tighten up the cast control just a little more then I normally would.
  5. Derek1


    They are a fun bait and they catch fish. Careful they make you want more expensive rats.
  6. I use the 4”x9” Plano box. Modified with my Dremel. Fits in my back pocket a bag of assorted soft plastics in my front pocket and pliers in my other back pocket. 1-3 rods this usually gives me up to 9 bait choices. That’s more than I end up needing. But it’s nice to pack light and have some options.
  7. I have the seirra 691. It’s a fun rod. Only thrown Ned’s and pond magic spinnerbaits with it so far. Catching fish on the small spinnerbaits is a ton of fun. My favorite so far.
  8. I can’t tie up a jerkbait without it getting caught up in the line my shirt or the bush next me while standing on the bank. Regardless of the knot. Getting stressed out just thinking about it.
  9. My father taught me to tie the improved clinch knot when I was a kid. He called it the fisherman’s knot, not sure if that’s accurate. I can tie it with my eyes closed. I firmly believe the knot you can tie properly is the best one to use. I don’t think it’s ever broke.
  10. Looks like the zaldain bait might replace the magdraft for me this year. Definitely worth trying out. I would love to be able to retrieve at different speeds.
  11. That’s a cool bait. I could see using that.
  12. I fish from the bank. I find 6’10” rods to be a very happy medium for where I fish.
  13. 7” sounds about right. It’s a serious piece of plastic.
  14. I grabbed a couple packs of those last year at the show. Havnt used them yet.
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