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  1. First trip out yesterday, water temp 51-52. One 19" right at 4lbs and a baby Musky, all on jerkbaits. had several more smallies that were sub 14". I looked back through my notes and realized that stretch of river doesn't fish well on bluebird days, so was fortunate to land at least one nice fish. Nice to get out!
  2. Used Lowrance Hook 7 Tripleshot. This is the earlier model and not the Reveal. This was used on a kayak in freshwater only and has been collecting dust for a couple years. 7" screen is clear with no cracks. Unit has side scan and down scan. Head unit, cover, tripleshot transducer, and power cable. $250 shipped Paypal or Venmo. Will throw some free goodies in the box as well.
  3. 3/8 Jack Hammer green-pumpkin shad color with a 4.5" spunk shad trailer yesterday morning. 19.25" and thick! Full moon has them feeding at night I think, bite was slow, lucky to get this one.
  4. When the water temps start to fall they usually (its not exact science) start to feed heavily in preparation for winter. I have had the best topwater action from now until the end of October depending on the weather and water temp. Once the topwater action dies (water temps get into the low to mid 50s) then I go to a 3.25" swimbait and back to the jerkbait. With the cooler air temps and leaves changing, it's my favorite time to get out!
  5. North Branch Tackle makes some nice ones with football heads that help with hangups in rocks.
  6. Wacky worm always works in the summer. If I can't get a bite the WW is my go-to. Plain white Zoom Super Fluke is awesome in the summer as well.
  7. HogFarmer 4.5" Spunkshad, Yamamato Zako, or Rage Craw on a full-sized Jackhammer. Mini-Max gets smaller versions of all the above. Green pumpkin, Chart/white, Golden Shiner colors on the JH and MM.
  8. These rock. Also Rage Craws, or Yamamato Zakos!
  9. In the river a Berkley Choppo 75, Chatterbait Mini-Max, or a plain white Zoom fluke will cover about anything. Can throw in a Spro RkCrawler or any squarebill for deeper water as well. I did just get some of the Nikko Craws that I'm going to rig on a sled or Ned head to bottom bounce too.
  10. I think it may depend on the body of water, or even certain parts of a body of water. My primary two rivers are vastly different in numbers and size of fish. We've also had very high water during the spawn for several years in a row which probably washed out many nests. This is the first year I was able to fish at all during April since we haven't had any rain. Having said that, I started branching out further away from my normal haunts, and have found some spots that have incredible fishing for both numbers and large fish. I also have places where you can catch 20+ in a day and not have a single one break 2lbs. Not sure why that is. I also tend to fish more during the middle of the week which probably helps my effort due to the lack of other people.
  11. River was stained after overnight rains this morning; I have to think it would be similar to algae stain, unless you have algae literally floating all through the water column. Either way, Chatterbait Mini-Max 3/8oz with a Baby Rage Craw trailer was killing them up to 19.75".
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