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  1. I had most of my rods built when you could still buy Loomis blanks, so a bunch of them are. Comparing each custom to the associated Loomis rod mine are much nicer, better balanced and have a grip layout that I chose. Hands down if you know why you want what you want a custom will fit your needs better. If you don't you may just end up building the wrong rod
  2. Seriously ALL non race cans suck. All these options that are being offered are garbage in comparison. Get a race can and enjoy super fast, spill free pouring. They aren't even expensive. Stop with this other nonsense.
  3. Regulating for the least common denominator. Sucks. Here is the cure. https://vpracingfuels.com/product-category/containers/
  4. Vicariously living through you. Almost able to go get my boat so hopefully in a couple weeks I will be able to get out. Stupid menards had to order my garage doors 4 different times so hopefully this last one is right so I can move back in!
  5. I ask and am usually told go for it. I've had the standers ask for pictures of the fish pulled out from under their dock too. That being said it they aren't engaging or don't respond I don't ask.
  6. Should pour out some one year old fuel into a water separator once. It'll be enlightening. Snowmobiles are about the worst case possible. Super high hp to displacement (165+ HP from .8L at 8300 rpm) It is absolutely proven to destroy them way faster. Even the manufacturers put warning stickers on because of it. Clogged injectors are their primary failure and they basically see none on non-ethanol fuel. Sure 91 octane makes less power and is less efficient running in an engine made for 87 but I will take it without alcohol for anything I own that can ever sit for a while between uses.
  7. Lighter rod = more feel Stiffer rod = more feel Longer rod = more feel Lighter action therefore may or may not.
  8. Ethanol free is the most important. It doesn't kill engines per se, but can be devastating. Learned that 15 years ago or so. Had an identical snowmobile with my buddy. I maintained both. Every year I pulled the carbs and cleaned them. He ran ethanol and I didn't. The first year I did his I ****. So much corrosion and build up a cleaning was necessary. Mine it was more just for preventative. His was completely disgusting with less than 100gal gone through it. I had zero faith his jets were clean before the cleaning and if you lean down a two stroke too far ...boom.
  9. If you fish them in spots where you expect the bite will be in the fall will make the transition easier. I love jigs.
  10. This one is easy: A frog A frog A frog
  11. I am of the opposite camp. No way in hell I would ever buy new. I personally think that boat is too new most likely in the value chain. Classically about the time a boat is 10 years old it is done depreciating. I have a boat and haven't shopped lately but could see you saving another $10-15k if you step back a few years.
  12. You know I am going to say frog....😜 Depending on where you mark them. My boat is still in storage. Another big set back on the house today so no time in sight that it'll be out.
  13. With baits that catch wind like a spinner bait the DC yields longer casting without the worry. Without the wind the DC takes too much distance, but so does the SV. I use SV spools for skipping, but would rather have a normal pin brake as well for most conditions. In my arsenal I have one DC for spinnebaits a few SV reels for skipping and the rest are normal Shimano reels. I wouldn't want to switch any out for another although I could live with a normal reel for the spinnebaits and wouldn't pay for the DC again. It has saved my butt and makes things easy but it does cost some distance when it isn't needed.
  14. While I would prefer to fish a frog 100% of the time and always have one tied on even on Tonka, I've never said nor will I say they work well there. Before post spawn and sometimes late fall sure, but otherwise I waste my time with them when I should be doing something else.
  15. Dislike: Carolina rig. If I have to resort to one it means everything I want to throw isn't working. Can't stand: drop shot. Eff that. I'd almost rather not fish. Not resorting that far. Doesn't work for me: Deep diving crankbaits. Trolling them or bumping them hard into things shallow i can do fine, but they are downright useless as casting baits for deep fish.
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