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  1. How many of the boats bagged limits or even bass? Is the answer to increase the population of bass, to meet the increase of pressure? I don't see them decreasing tournaments, but maybe change the way they conduct them. Instead of bagging fish, maybe adopt the CPR method? It is done that way for online fishing tournaments. While still catching them you are not removing them from their current habit and subjecting them to a washing machine ride in your boat until weight in. Might also assist in the prevention of bass dying too.
  2. I went to camp on Lamoka Lake growing up in NY. Currently live in TN. Primarily fish Percy Priest and KY Lake. Next year want to get out to Pickwick, Chickamaugua, Guntersville, and Dale Hollow, with Dale Hollow being first on the list.
  3. I am relatively new to bass fishing. Bass fished with my dad some growing up, but that was it. Bought a boat and hit it hard summer of 2021. It was like a fire hose of information on learning techniques and terminology. I spent pretty much all summer consistently getting skunked. Frustrated and wondering what I got myself into, in early fall I decided to hire a local guide. That was a game changer, as after going out with the guide my luck started to change, slowly, with being able to catch at least 2 to 3 on each trip out. Was able to keep that pattern going into winter (2021) for the most part. 2022 was a much better year, increased my outing limit to around 5 to 8 bass a trip with a couple trips of 20 plus bass being boated. Decent amount of keepers, but most were not. PB's were couple a 4lber's a SMB, and a LMB. Not targeting them, but I also hooked into a couple big Drums and Cats. I entered a couple tournaments and ended up winning some cash in a bass big tournament, which was cool. Looking back I definitely l have earned a lot, but have an equal a lot to still to learn and perfect what I have learned thus far. Hoping to become more efficient with different techniques I normally do not use along with fishing different locations on the lake(s) I normally do not fish. Goal is to break my PB and hope to hook into a 5 to 6lber and also increase my outing catch numbers as well. Tight lines!
  4. My uncle did. Caught a nice 3lb + Largemouth first thing that morning. He ended up catching another short Largemouth, a Perch, and Pickerel. I ended up just catching a nice Pickerel, was over 20 inches. The lake was rolling pretty good, so we were unable to fish the spots we initially wanted too.
  5. Visiting my hometown this week. Planning on hitting up Cayuga Lake with my uncle in his boat tomorrow morning launching out of Cayuga Lake State Park. Primarily targeting bass and would be nice to get into some nice Smallmouth. I currently reside in TN so not well versed fishing for bass this far north. Any advice on what to throw and ideal locations? Initial thought is fish grass lines with moving baits and plastics. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. If I ever pursued a teaching career that is what I would want to teach. I think it is a cool and interesting way of communication. Major kudus to those who teach and use it.
  7. I'd recommend hiring a local guide for a trip or two, or three.
  8. I would say southern FL or north Texas. That being said I currently live in decent spot as the following lakes are just over an hour away: Kentucky Percy Priest Old Hickory They are not bad lakes, but IMO better lakes are to be had, two to three hours away.
  9. No disagreement on pop up ads and etc of being annoying. In today's online media is not uncommon for even the smallest media companies having some sort of ads/ advertisement...and this even includes bass fishing information forums. Some just find it more annoying than others, myself included to a certain extent. That being said it is reach and rather shortsighted in stating that a magazine, Field and Stream in this case, in its entirety (staff and content) has no interest in truth or serving the readership.
  10. Kentucky and Barkley Lakes have a rampant Asian Carp problem, that has wreaked havoc on both the lakes eco-system and fishery due primarily their reproduction rate, over 1 million eggs per adult female, per year. A problem that will never be completely eradicated. Their jumping is also a safety concern for boaters. 12 to 15 million have been removed from both lakes since 2018. https://www.fieldandstream.com/conservation/millions-of-carp-removed-from-kentucky-lake/
  11. <div class='pixels-photo'> <a href='https://500px.com/photo/1040123778/SMB-18in-28lb-by-Jacob-Carpenter' alt='SMB 18in 2.8lb by Jacob Carpenter on 500px.com'> <img src='https://drscdn.500px.org/photo/1040123778/m%3D900/v2?sig=dec667fa9ea10d25b55bd547fb16484a127e5d233254cbdb7c77432f50b9c964' alt='SMB 18in 2.8lb by Jacob Carpenter on 500px.com' /> </a> </div> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://500px.com/embed.js'></script>
  12. It does on an angle. When I initially measured it at the dealer I thought it would fit straight on, but I guess my measurements were off, because when I got it home I was like uhhh there is no way it will fit straight on. I can walk around the front easily, but not so much in the back. I do plan on upgrading my jack though, to a Fulton unit, which should make it easier moving it around the garage. Based on the picture below I might even be able to get a 21 footer in if it had a breakaway hitch, but it would be really tight. Good grief, it's not a Mercury, it's a Yamaha. I don't see an edit button on my initial post. Does this forum not have one...or not for newbies?
  13. Brand new to bass fishing. Here are a few catches thus far. First catch, on my birthday. A green chunk caught on a shakyheaded rigged worm next to structure on a hot mid August day. Did not weight or measure. Was elated to say the least....especially on my birthday. The next fish I caught were due to going out with a guide. My trips out previously, since my first fish, had yielded nothing so I was getting rather frustrated. Learned quite a bit a from him, observing and asking question, although I only caught a rather small Green the entire guided trip. I did have a nice Brown on the line, but lost him at the boat. The guide on the other hand caught quite a few. First solo trip after the guided trip yielded this 18in, 2.3lb Brown, caught on a whopper popper. The fish got too close to my trolling motor so got a little skinned up in a couple places. Lesson learned on that one. I felt bad, but was glad to see it survive to fight another day as I am strictly a catch and release guy. Caught a small Brown right before this one. Both on the whopper. Next trip was a skunk, but the next trip got me this 15in., 1.6lb Green caught on Sexy Dawg Jr. This trip yielded 4 Greens total, this was the biggest as the rest were pretty small. I had another keeper, but it jumped off trying to boat flip it in (rookie mistake). Being a newbie and fighting the summer bite is rather challenging. Learning a lot though and with fall around the corner and with it bringing cooler water temps and more active bass hoping to catch more and bigger bass. Tight lines!
  14. 2021 XPress V19 Pro w/ Yamaha175 VMAX SHO Ultrex 80, I Pilot MDI High Performance Package Appearance Package Elite Package (Helix 9 Chirp MSI GPS GN4 (Console) and Helix 9 Chirp MDI GPS GN4 (Bow)) The day I picked her up.
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