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  1. Disclaimer: I have a great life, it's just a busy life. Not looking for sympathy. I have limited time to fish. When I do get to fish I usually have "stuff" to do after I'm done fishing. When I first get to the lake and launch my boat the ONLY THING on my mind is fishing. It's both intense, and relaxing at the same time. After a while fishing "life" thought come back into my mind. The first hour or two it's like I'm back in my childhood with nothing on my mind except Bass. Regarding taps, engulfs, size of baits ect. It's my belief that when fishing bottom contact stuff you'd better set the hook if you "think" you feel anything. With Spots you'll lose part of a plastic occasionally, but I truly believe if you wait to set the hook you'll catch a few more small Spots, but lose out on many bigger Bass. It's by belief that big Bass (including Spots)....over 5 pounds or so don't mess around when biting. By the time you're decided if there's "weight" on your line they've already spit out your lure and moved on. Also, I've gotten away from using "monster" worms. Perhaps they're the ticket is some waters where there's really BIG Bass. It's my belief if you're not getting bit with a "normal" 6 inch worm, but can get bit with a 10 inch worm it's due to the fall rate. Simply use a smaller weight with the 6 inch worm. The bites will come back, and you don't have to play "when to set the hook" games with yourself.
  2. I promise the 10 inchers are only 10 inches long. I'm 5'10". I'm old and fat now, but even when I was young and "thin" I was "thick" I'm built like a fire hydrant. When I boxed, and kick boxed I fought at 175 pounds and didn't have an ounce of fat on me. I weight 210 now. I had high hopes for catching a bunch of decent Bass today. Whenever I think I'm going to do good I struggle. It's cooler and it rained last night. Not just Bass, but fish were scattered today. There's a bunch of mayflies floating in the water, but no fish around them. I'm pretty sure the water has been hotter than I've ever seen it. It was 89.9 last week. It's a couple degrees cooler now. The fish (not just Bass) were scattered today, similar to right after the Fall turnover. There's been no turnover with surface temps still at 86 degrees. I caught 3 today. (all pictured) First was a "micro Bass" skipping a dock. The second was a decent 18 inch skinny Largemouth. I caught it on a spinnerbait 20 feet deep on a rocky point. The last....I'm calling a "crossover" Bass......right between a micro Bass and a "cookie cutter" on a spinnerbait at a channel swing.
  3. The thermocline is constantly changing where I fish mostly. Last week it was around 18 feet. Yesterday is was at 30 feet. Today I couldn't find any evidence of a thermocline. Last week surface temp was 89.9 degrees. That's the hottest water I've ever seen here. Yesterday, after a little rain, and a couple cooler days surface temp was 87. Today, after some overnight rains surface temp was 86. FWIW I know very little about a thermocline. I don't understand what I do know.
  4. I suppose it's changed some stuff. As an angler I'd like to think I'm constantly evolving. I do things differently than I did a couple years ago before I had FFS. Some of my ways would have changed even if I didn't have FFS.
  5. I went this morning for a few hours. It's cooler today, but I think I still have brain fog from the heat. I gassed my truck and boat, decided which landing I was going to then turned onto the Interstate toward the other landing. So....I cut through the country at the next exit to go to the landing I planned on going to........and managed to make a wrong turn in the middle of no where. When I finally made it to the landing there was a tournament there. I just sit around until they launched and had their blast off. I caught 7 Bass. 3 pairs of "micro Bass" and one "real" Bass. I was finding schools of micro Bass on channel swings. I know people say not to, but I will leave Bass to find Bass if the Bass I'm catching are 10 inches long. First picture is one of the micro Bass. I could have probably caught a bunch of them, but that's not what I was after. I managed to catch one "real" Bass in a "ditch" between a point and an island. I have some stuff I need to do here, so I decided to call it a day. I'm not sure if I'm going back tonight around midnight, or early tomorrow morning.
  6. Big.......meaning oversized swim baits. I plunked down ~$50 for a Shimano Armajoint. I caught one 8 inch long Spotted Bass on it. I gave it to a friend of mines 13 year old nephew. He caught a 4 pounder on it from a country club pond. I've got a Megabass Magdraft that I use occasionally. I've never caught a Bass on it either. I kinda laugh anytime I cast one of those huge baits.
  7. Not really anything new, but how about "revisiting" a technique I used years ago. For the past couple years almost EVERYONE I saw was either throwing a spinnerbait or jerk bait. I used spinnerbaits quite a bit in my previous fishing life 30+ years ago. I pretty much stayed away from them due to seeing so many people using them. This year EVERYONE is still using jerk baits, but instead of spinnerbaits they're using special FFS jig head minnows and various swim baits. I've caught a BUNCH of Bass this year on spinnerbaits, including my best of 2024 so far that weighed 7.91 pounds.
  8. I went last night/this morning from 2 until 6. I didn't get skunked. I caught 1. The good news is, I've caught at least one 5 pound Bass every month this year. The only one I got in the boat today was a 21 inch long 5.02 pound Spot. I zeroed my scale and weighed it twice. I caught it on my last cast. (I try to leave on a catch every trip). I lost decent Largemouth a couple cast earlier right next to the boat. The LM I lost ate a DT6. I didn't want to damage my rod boat flipping it, didn't want to lip it and get trebles in my hand, and was too lazy to get my net out. I had the line in my hand lifting it up, and it flipped and got off. I caught the Spot on a Seibert Bladed Jig. I lipped it. Water temperature was 89 degrees. At one point the reading on my graph was 89.9. It will be over 90 degrees today.
  9. I lost a few fumbling for a light, and still occasionally lose one fumbling for my net. I use one of these lights and no longer lose fish trying to turn my light on. This light has a sensor you just wave by to turn it on. I can pick my arm up, waving my bicep past it to turn it on without taking a hand off my rod. https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Christmas-Waterproof-Flashlight-Repairing/dp/B0B4KJ3MWK/ref=sr_1_9?crid=3RC8FYH9SPAJZ&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.X4FB1XekOcJowkux5Ayim4UW-BPqenb5rDcz0IF0nYOCb6XgWZIrNnWctj68GPsy73p7-08wZl1CCWoZNIAOEBgO-O4q_0AQfPORY6QoVMsQ1NzOkQvYxfgTWCHAkGyg2eiAYv9CXJ5ZxpYvYt031U1zdXjtQmZzYEZfRy9Y29LBDClg5qU0mxevBaYV1qNW548uANvxpsF_G7qZZQCEhTmH0jgOrS6XDz7rslsAhBKBqlc6ZYwQOFOU68GObCS6lKztcGtbIHQsRk5zLXXWfb5mk4mm4DlOfkGFglgJbXQ.1CCRRz1zwV_ZiwyenV1JW4MwwBvWTEFfugdPouwdCds&dib_tag=se&keywords=head%2Bworn%2Blight&qid=1720880112&sprefix=head%2Bworn%2Blight%2Caps%2C100&sr=8-9&th=1
  10. Like others said, go catch that monster. 2 weeks before I caught my PB and only DD I lost a big Bass that came from the same stump. Like you it broke off next the the boat while I was trying to lip it.
  11. I normally carry a Spyderco Endura. It's works quite a bit better for peeling apples, cutting braid or even opening a bag of chips than any of my Glocks or Sigs.
  12. I usually go early when there's no one at the ramps. If this is the case I back most of the way down the ramp (after prepping my boat in the parking lot). I'll tie a rope from a rear cleat to a cleat on the dock, untie the front of the boat, and back in just a little more to "send it". I've got a tough, beat up aluminum boat so I'm not worried about a little bump on the dock. If the landing is crowded after I've back in far enough I take a rope and lead my boat to the end of the dock. This get's my boat out of the way for others while I'm parking my truck/trailer. Everyone, follow Toms advice above regarding backing a trailer.
  13. I'm going to throw a wrench in the fan. Like many I used the improved clinch knot when I was a kid, and most of my adult life. I use a palomar for braid, but I rarely use braid. I tried a spool of Fluorocarbon and had heard it "liked" certain knots better than others. The friend who recommended the line recommend a triple loop knot. The triple loop knot is basically a trilene knot with 3 loops through the hook, instead of 2. The Fluoro didn't impress me enough to pay what it cost, but I liked the triple loop knot. I use it now with Big Game mono. It's easy enough to tie, especially if you're used to tying a trilene or improved clinch knot. There's a BUNCH of knots that work for a BUNCH of people. I recommend experimenting with some. Do some tests to see if the knot breaks before the line or not. Pick out one that holds good for you, and you can tie quickly and correctly every time. Stick with it. For me a triple loop knot usually breaks right at the strength of the line. IE, using the memory feature on my scale fresh 12 pound Big Game breaks around 15 pounds. A triple loop knot, in 12 pound Big Games fails around 14 to 14 1/2 pounds. As long as my line is in good shape IF I have to break off I won't lose a bunch of line. This also give me pretty much full strength of the line. For me the strongest knot is a Palomar. Also, for me it's not as easy to tie on a big lure with treble hooks. Also, if I get snagged in water that's 25 feet deep I might lose as much as 25 feet of line if I have to break off. I'm giving up 1/2 to 1 pound of knot strength so I don't leave a bunch of line in the water/lose a bunch of line if I have to break off.
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