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  1. Do you have White Perch in your area? They kinda tap tap tap, and short strike also. I get a BUNCH of White Perch hits, and catches on moving lures with yellow/chartreuse. If I think it's a fish I set the hook. If I lose a lure doing this it's just something that happened. Also, make sure your hooks are sharp.
  2. There's all kinds of stuff that we should keep on our boats. I have a paddle that came with the boat. I don't consider it important but it got checked by LEO's once. I have all the "required" stuff, and believe most of it is necessary. I also have a NOCO jump box. I keep one in my boat, as well as one in my truck. I charge them monthly. I've never needed it but I've jumped several people on the lake, as well as at the landing. I've towed a couple boats back to the landing. One had a busted lower, the other was just out of gas. Both offered to pay me but I wouldn't accept. Hopefully if I need a tow someone will be around. (I'd gladly pay if I needed a tow) I've also got a decent First Aid kit. A few years ago A friend of mine (who happens to be a first responder) cut his leg while fishing alone. He barely missed his femoral artery, but did hit some kind of important vessel near it. His quick thinking, and a good first aid kit, with a tourniquet saved his life. He called 911 and met paramedics at the landing. I urge everyone take some basic first aid classes. It may save someone's life, even your own.
  3. Someone told me not naming a boat was bad luck. My racecar had "Bad News" on the side, so my boat's name is "Bad News". Mrs B makes decals but I've never had her make any for my boat. Someday I'm going to remove all the Tracker decals and just put Bad News on the side. Picture of a picture is myself and Mrs B a million years ago after winning a $25K memorial day race.
  4. Yep, I accidently clicked on some wrong hooks when ordering once. What I found was some hooks that make many 1/4 to 1/2 ounce Balsa baits suspend perfectly. Stop an OG 4 that suspends instead of rises for a few seconds you'd better have a good grip on your rod when you start moving it again.
  5. I struggled and skunked Saturday. I'm not ashamed of it. Winter....... water under 55 degrees per my transducer tends to lower my numbers a BUNCH. In my previous fishing life I never fished during the Winter. When I bought my boat (Dec 2021) I struggled until March. I blamed it on not having a spot lock trolling motor.(I got one in March, and started catching Bass) Last Winter I struggled. My (spot lock) trolling motor was noisy, so I blamed my struggles on that. I changed to a trolling motor that wasn't noisy in March, and started catching more. This year it's just me....but at least I've learned enough to realize that. I need to get better in colder water. I struggle, but the Bass I catch are usually decent size. There were 2 tournaments Saturday (that I know of) at the lake I fished. One tournament, with 15 boats had a winner with a 19 pound bag. Only 4 boats out of 15 weighed in. That's not an excuse for me. A boat had 19 pounds, there were Bass to be caught. The other tournament was a club tournament out of the landing I launched at. I'd guess 10 to 15 boats in it. When I was loading my boat I saw a guy carrying a HEAVY bag of Bass back to the lake. I said "That looks like a heavy bag". He said "It's everyones fish in one bag". I don't know how many caught Bass or what the weights were. However, some of them caught Bass, I feel like I should have. I didn't go Sunday. I've been having really sore legs after a couple days of fishing. I finally took the time to install a recessed tray for my trolling motor pedal. Basically hopping around on one foot while operating the trolling motor wasn't keeping me from catching fish, but I believe the level pedal will make me feel better while and after I catch some Bass. I'll be back out this weekend, probably struggling, but I'll have fun, and learn things.
  6. That's interesting. As I stated in another insurance thread I have good liability coverage, but minimal coverage on my boat with no coverage on my equipment. I wonder if my liability insurance would cover a co boaters equipment.
  7. I've never had a bunch of luck with red crank baits with the exception of some of the biggest Cats I've caught Bass fishing. I have had good luck with soft plastics with some red, as well as jigs and spinnerbaits with a touch of red in the skirt. I saw a study a million years ago about different colors and water clarity. Red was the first color to fade away, at least with whatever camera was used in the study. Clear baits work at times, perhaps red is like clear in muddy water. I used to not believe color made much difference at all. Last year I had been catching a BUNCH of Bass with a DT6 that was Helsinki Shad color. All of a sudden that bite stopped. I was catching a few Bass on bladed jigs, worms ect but none on cranks including OG4 in Helsinki Shad and a Little John 50 in Nasty Shad color. Mrs B and myself were going on vacation. Being balsa DT6's are kinda fragile and I was running low so I wanted plenty for a week of fishing. The local tackle shop I get them from was out of Helsinki Shad so I bought a handful in Live River Shad. Bass were basically jumping into the boat to get the new color. We caught well over a hundred on that vacation(really good for us) including 36 in one day. I've tried to be more open minded regarding colors since then. I talked to the Lake Wylie hammer one night before a tournament. (He wins all the tourneys there) He mentioned the DT6 bite dying. I gave him a couple Live River Shad Dt's. He won the tournament that night....but he wins most of them anyway.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I lost a rod/reel combo last week. So far I've been holding the monkey at bay but this nudge might do it.
  9. I got an x-ray of the chest...........to show Mrs B my heart was in the right place. Before she retired I'd send her flowers to work every Valentines. Since she's retired she prefers a card and a couple lottery tickets.
  10. I fished every chance I had from the time I was old enough to remember until the early 90's. Then I was working full time, and racing. Between work, racing and family I no longer had time to fish. I sold my boat in 1992 and didn't fish for a couple decades. I had always planned on buying another boat and starting back fishing. Watching my Dad get older, and no longer being able to do things he used to do prompted me to accelerate my plans, but buy a boat before I retire. I bought my current boat in Dec 2021, and with the exception of one or two I've fished at least once a week since then.
  11. I'll be 60 in a month. I don't think I live in, or dwell on the past, but I do have memories. There's some stuff that I miss from "the good old days" but sometime I think "the good old days" weren't as good as our memories.
  12. Get well soon. My Brother in Law had a belly button hernia he nursed with trusses and stuff for years. He finally had surgery. He said he should have had the surgery as soon as it happened.
  13. Fitting a boat in 20 feet is going to be tough. Especially a fiberglass boat. My Tracker Classic XL is over 20 feet with the tongue folded and motor trimmed down. (16'8" aluminum boat)
  14. There's still sections of Lake Wylie with stuff floating. There was 3 tournaments Saturday and $100K boats flying through the debris. The sticks hitting their boats sounded like firecrackers going off. I hit a submerged.......couldn't see log a couple weeks ago, but I was only going 10 mph. The water clarity in the upper and mid part of the lake is starting to clear. It's still fairly muddy toward the dam, and up the creeks. Usually it clears up the creeks fairly quickly. I suppose we're still getting just enough rain to keep them muddy. I didn't cover my boat last night because it was wet from fishing in the rain. Now it's pouring. I'm going to move it under the carport before I go to work.
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