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  1. Keep us posted on your progress, like you said, it can catch fish ! Never ever has a fish complained that my boat wasn't fancy enough !
  2. Have had many more close calls at the shopping mall and parking lots, than ever on the water or shore. I feel far more comfortable around boaters and waterfront owners than I do when I have to go unto town !
  3. They can't shoot you for stepping on the shoreline !!! Reading to much gossip....you might find a Karen with her big mouth but but any form of violence against you will cause them jail time !! That would be like someone slide on a slippery road and comes into your yard, the owner does not have the right to shoot or attack you....common sense here...
  4. If you pull up on a private shore to change a damaged prop, I can assure you the sheriff will not arrest you for trespassing !! Been there, done that and have owned private shoreline. Unless your causing trouble, the authorities have no interest at all.
  5. Actuall, I have let others that have damaged props pull up along side and use my boat as a platform to change out their damaged props. Always pays to carry a spare prop, key and nut. Remember, prop nuts don't float, not even for a second !!
  6. While not fun, I have changed many props on the water after damaging them where they don't function. On small out boards I have unclamped them and brought them inside the boat. On larger OB ,I have actually hung out over the stern and changed them. On my I/O, I actually climbed out and straddled the out drive tilted up and changed out the prop. As I said, not fun, make sure you wear a life jacket and remove all valuables from your person, but it can be done. I hate to admit it, but I have done it many times. Using a shoreline to make an emergency repair is not a tresspass. If you damage there shore then that is another issue. There are rights of way regulations in place for emergencies. Cold, rain, and just plain miserable outside, so answering questions is something to do !!
  7. On my smaller motors I always made a wood wedge to hold the tilt and a bungee strap around the LU to keep it in position. Never an issue, but on my larger motors that have power trim and tilt, I just allow the hydraulics to hold the motor in position. Been a boater for over 60 years, never had an issue doing this... Some years back, I replaced the rollers on my trailer. Not thinking, the next launch, the 22' boat rolled off the trailer and down onto the out drive unit backing down the ramp...ouch...had to wing the boat back onto the trailer, but the out drive never moved out of position !! If your hydraulics are in good condition, they have no problem holding your motor into position.
  8. The live well may be to big to keep cool. Along with aeration, shiners like cool temps and absolutely no chemicals in the water !! I use a small aerated minnow bucket and drop in a small water bottle that is frozen. I can keep shiners for a full day and often over night if going out the next morning. I do swap out the frozen water bottle at least every 4 hours in the summer. In your livewell, depending on size, add a few frozen water bottles to keep it cool. Remember to remove dead ones asap !! Once they die, there body gives off a type of ammonia that will kill others. On a busy day, I put dead ones in another can and try to use them quickly ....hope this helps...
  9. All kinds of great reasons here for owning boats or kayaks !! What do you want to do and what types of areas to you have to use them. Been fishing for over 60 years, owned everything from rowboat to canoe to kayak to cruiser to a speed boat...yep most everything that floats. I have enjoyed each and everyone and each had their strong and weak points !! To do age and health restrictions, I now have a 16' Sylvan SC with 40hp motor. Easily loaded and unloaded by myself, catches enough fish to fill my freezer. Economical enough that I can afford to go whenever I want, so always looking for an excuse to go for a boat ride. Each different watercraft has been my favorite at one time or another, each one had a purpose to fill. None were a poor choice, just sit back, !look at your surroundings and ask...what fits my needs and wants currently !! And, no one says you can only have one type of watercraft at a time !
  10. Go directly to the factory and ask, if they tell you it is compatible with your model number, save that message just in case and go for it !! I didn't realize it was a factory prop. When I contacted MK on my prop, they said it wouldn't make much difference, but getting rid if the weed less prop made a big difference !!
  11. It may fit, but will it stress the motor itself ?? I am told that you can check the amp draw with the factory prop then check the draw with the aftermarket prop. As long as the draw doesn 't go high your good. Now, I am no electricain in any form, it sounded logical but never tried it. In my case both power prop and weed less prop were options on my motor. MK stated I wouldn't see much difference, but there was a big difference to me, more bite in the water with the weedless. Just some food for thought !!
  12. With so many scammers out there, it is difficult to find a good place to sell things today. I have had good success with Craigslist but have to go thru numerous scammers and no shows to find a serious buyer. My grandkids use Facebook to sell for me at times, but, they are just as bad, you get 5-6 no shows before a real person shows up. Sure wish their were other options !!
  13. Receipts for parts are better than a list of things done. They don't know you, how would a buyer know if you were truthful without receipts ?
  14. As you can see, my auto correct is failing, as often as I have turned it off, it keeps screwing up....apologies..
  15. Electric motors are tricky, over proving will overheat them, no tech or rpm setting to watch like on a gas motor. On my MK electric, I just removed the "weedless" prop as I don't fish weeds and the " power prop" did make a noticeable improvement without stressing the motor.
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