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  1. If the rest of the trailer is anything like what is in the pics, get a new trailer !!
  2. Consider your self a metric gallon.......3.78 liters !! LOL...
  3. If water is not choppy and your sense of balance is good, you will be fine. I have a friend whose balance is awefull, he trips and falls on everything. Only you know how good your balance is. 30 years ago I would have been fine but at 75 yrs old, not so sure my balance would be that good. On my 16' side console the deck is fine, but on a small Jon boat, I would not be comfortable but I am probably much older !!
  4. Owned boats for well over 60 plus years, first couple were wood Lymans, great boats but painting was to much !! Then moved to aluminum hulls, around early 70's tried a fiberglass hull for a few years. After some glass issues, went back to aluminum and stayed with them up to current Sylvan aluminum boat. Would never go back to anything, aluminum hulls all the way for me !! Aluminum hulls give me far more time fishing and boating rather than fixing and maintaining. To each his own, but look at the number of 50 year old aluminum boats out there, how many 50 year old fiberglass boats do you see ?? Good luck with whatever you choose !
  5. Interesting thought here, I boat on Lake Erie and its tributaries, all fresh water here, so no information about salt water performance. On my boat the RPM does run a little higher in the summer heat, but the boat speed increases as well. On a warm summer day with no wind/ current my GPS will top out at 31.5 mph consistantly. But early spring or late fall when temps are 50 or below, the rpm drops slightly, Maby 100 at best but so does the speed, can't get over 29/30 mph. Not sure why it does but your post caught my attention, so I had to respond.
  6. Why does it have to be a "bass" boat ??? I have a 16' aluminum SC that catches bass just fine. 40 hp Merc that does 30 mph. Can fish three if needed, but two is more comfortable. Has all the bells and whistles in my opinion, not the newest but better electronics than I have ever had in the past. Owned kayaks for a few years, great little boats and enjoyed mine a lot. However as age caught up with me, it was becoming to much work to load and unload so I added a trailer and soon after I thought if I need that trailer, I could have a bigger boat !! Ended up with my Sylvan. Best part is, total weight us under 2000 lbs wet !!....I fish for food, not just fun and I can put far more fish in the freezer quicker in my 16' SC than I ever could in my Kayak. Don't need new, just hunt for a really good used outfit.
  7. Check your local fabrication shop, give them the dimensions you need. Easy to make to your specifications...
  8. Thanks....didn't think of that, however I am now retired and no access to the machine shop anymore.
  9. If tour talking about a small move or for casting lead by hand, those type are fairly cheap, or should be. I am a retired tool maker and made a number of prototype lead casting molds for a variety of lure makers back in the 80-90's when walleye fishing was make my a big comback. My company made quite a few molds of single and double cavity lead molds to get the lure up and running. Once it became a hit, then the lure companies sent to more expensive automated molds for higher production numbers. There are a couple lure makers I see still using the old prototype mold I made way back when. A simple one cavity hand casting lead mold should not be that expensive at all.
  10. Actually, nothing wrong with bass fishing, but.....I fish for food and bass are not that great to eat. Most good bass lakes are busy, way to busy for me, I prefer the big lake, more room ! Idiots on the water...smaller lakes concentrate the idiots into a smaller area. People that have no respect for the water at all, throwing trash in and no respect for other boaters. Then like most everyone else is ramp courtesy, folks using a busy weekend to learn to backup their boat trailer or...the guy that knows nothing about his boat and motor that ties up the ramp for a day wanting other boaters to help him fix his motor which he knows nothing about !! If your gonna be a boater....get educated....learn what it takes to make it run and stay running !! Good fishing to everyone !!
  11. If you don't care what it looks like, I have used " goop" to make repairs on vinyl with great sucess....but it looks like crap !! If appearance means anything, get a pro to fix it.
  12. Glad you found one, the guy that is in my area is getting closer to retirement and many of the locals are getting worried about finding another. Being an older fellow, makes him no difference to a two stroke or a four stroke and Mercury is not his only servicing brand !! Yes, we are lucky....not sure what the future hold's however.....good and reputable are things we don't see much of anymore.....hope things workout for you !
  13. Years back I had one of those plastic bass boats.....not impressed. I also have a 12' Jon boat and find that just as easy if not easier to move around than the plastic bass boat. That plastic will dry and crack from UV exposure no matter what they tell you. My Jon boat is over 50 yrs old and no cracking or anything, no more plastic boats for me !!
  14. At a seam is very difficult. I would unbolt the seat and take it to an upholstery shop. They should be able to fix it. Many old car clubs have access to an upholstery guy for there car interiors, should be able to fix your seat cover. Not familiar with any repair kit that would work or look good...
  15. In my early days (50-60's) gumout was the additive used to clean the gunk your stored fuel created after sitting for a long time. Humour was the only brand name I am familiar with. As a young man I worked at a local marine repair shop in the summer. My job was to clean carbs of all the gunk in the carbs from sitting all winter. After a while, we realized that putting " gumout" into your fuel before storing it, would prevent the gunk buildup over winter. Gumout is still made today, but advertised as a cleaning agent more than a stabilizer. Bottom line is...all fuel goes bad after a short time, folks have found it is easier b to blame E fuels for a problem that has been around for a looong time...
  16. I understand your thinking and I agree, but....no matter what kind of fuel you use ALL engine mfgrs recomend a fuel stabilizer for storage and have done so for decades. Don't fall into a false thought that just because you use non E fuel, your fuel will be good for forever !! Curiosity from all these fuel discussions made me take a sample my old year old E fuel and check it out. In a glass jar after sitting a while you could barely detect a slight cloudiness in the fuel when compared to fresh fuel. However the engine started up and ran fine... In my area we are about fifty cents higher for non E today when I passed the fuel station. For a nickle....I don't blame you for buying the non E...!!!
  17. Put the proper amount of stabilizer in the fuel and don't worry about it !! My Roto tiller fuel was way over a year old, E gas with stabil added, fired up on third pull and ran fine ...same with weed water with fuel over 6 months old...E fuel with stabil, started on second pull and trimmed the whole yard. What is the issue with adding a few ounces of stabilizer into your fuel to keep things working well........
  18. My old motor manuals from way before E gas was on the market, have always recommended adding a fuel " additive" for storage or help in cleaning the fuel system. Guess that means all fuels will go bad and cause problems over time !! Gumout has been around long before corn fuel was ever created. No matter whose name is on the container, fuel additives help if they are used properly.
  19. My Roto tiller gas is over a year old but I do use stabilizer as suggested and it started on the third pull and tilled the whole garden with that so called nasty old gas. Weed eater started up on second pull after sitting for 6 months with that nasty E fuel. Saving 60 cents per gallon, I will take all the E fuel I can, a cap full of stabilizer has been far cheaper over the past 25 years....but...it is your money, spend it as you please !!
  20. Everyone should do what they feel comfortable with.....never go wrong following mage recommendations !! However all the scare tactics given to those asking about E fuel is false. All gas engine mfgrs recommend draining fuel for long term storage, even on my neighbors 1954 Johnson OB made long before E fuels were created !! All my gas powered tools state drain fuel or add a stabilizing agent to the fuel for long term storage ! Most folks forget to read the part about adding a stabilizing agent !! As far as cost goes, stabilizer is far cheaper than buying non E fuel !! Last but not least, my 1964 Evinrude manual recommended adding a fuel additive for long term storage, that was long before E fuel was made, guess all fuels will go bad over time....remember " gumout" was made as a fuel additive/ stabilizer long before E fuels were made ! If your having fuel issues, find another station to buy from !! However...your engine, do what ever your comfortable with ....
  21. For every person that has had issues with E fuels, there are a thousand people that have never had an issue. My neighbor belongs to an old car club, most of the collecters have muscle cars from 60's into the 80's. The majority use E fuels with no issues. I have been using E fuels since it came out, many of my gas powered tools sit over the winter without use. Everyone starts right up when needed, never an issue, nor does any of my neighbors equipment have issues. In fact, I don't know anyone that does have issues, other than one neighbor that leaves everything sit outside and never maintains anything like the mfgr recomends...
  22. I fish Lake Erie and the wind is one of my biggest problems. Direction and strength makes a big difference !! How the fish know the wind direction is beyond me, but it does make a difference !!
  23. I can't wait for my carpet to get worn out so I can get rid of it !! While it looks good, it is not a boat owners friend.....vinyl is so much more user friendly in my opinion...
  24. In years past I had access to a small lake with an awesome blue gill population. We used a little white spider made of foam with rubber band legs. My friend with a fly rod and myself with an ultralight spinning outfit and a casting bubble. Start close and in each cast go just a little further out. A slight twitch on the spider would cause the water to explode as the big bull gills attacked the spiders. Many 10" gills were put in my freezer over the years I had the privilege of fishing that lake !!
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