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  1. The whole fam headed north from Orlando and ended up in Tennessee. After a quick run to bass pro for some gear and licenses, my brother and I hit the little pigeon river this morning to try to catch some smallmouth. A species and style of fishing entirely foreign to us Alabama boys. Neither of us had ever caught a smallmouth over about 6" long, and those were caught on live worms bream fishing on Lake Wheeler. We seemed to figure it out though, catching 6 smallmouth, 2 rock bass, and a small sucker in just a couple of hours, all on a ned rig. Biggest smallie was 14.5”. Can’t wait to head back out and catch some more in the morning!
  2. I don't usually get that excited over a 4 pounder, but we'd been fishing for 3 days without catching a single bass that would break 2lbs, so we were pretty ecstatic about finally getting a decent one lol
  3. After three days of hard fishing we finally found some better fish down here in Orlando fishing canals. The first one we tried was real shallow and covered in fish, but they were all small. The second was deep and had much better quality. My brother caught a 19" and I got a 21" and another between 18-19". I think my scale is broken (It's a cheap H20 one) because according to it the big fish only weighed 4-7. I could see a 21" bass weighing that if really skinny, but this one was just average. According to the length/girth calculator on here it was 5.8. I've caught a 21.5" that was 6-12 (that was a fatty), so I'm fairly certain my scale is messed up and my fish was probably low 5's.
  4. Oh yeah. Anything over 3 is a good fish for me. It's impressive how well the jackhammer produces better quality fish.
  5. I've had 200+ fish days with a couple people fishing before, but that's been on private ponds or lake that get next to pressure. 100 fish on any "real" body of water is pretty dang good. My goal for this year is to catch one bass over 8lbs or 24".
  6. I'm down in Orlando at the moment. My brother and I have fishing in the resort lake and some of the surrounding canals and ponds the past couple of days. Been catching a fair number of small to medium fish, but just can't seem to land any bigger ones. I've lost a couple that were probably 18-20". Lost of 12-16" fish. My brother got one 17.5", but we're blanking on the big ones. I'm open to any suggestions. I manage to catch my first tilapia today though. 18". I think that's a pretty big one but I really have no idea.
  7. Dannngggg. Those are some hogs. I'm still trying to get my first smallmouth over 6. (6 as in 6", not pounds....)
  8. Wow. That's a lot of variety. Looks like fun
  9. Decided to try seriously throwing a big swimbait for the first time yesterday. I picked up this guy on a 6.25" fishlab biominnow. I have a lot of questions about swimbait fishing, so I'll start another thread with a full report and video when I get a little time this afternoon.
  10. I'm making plans for next spring!
  11. I didn't realize being on the front or back deck was that big of deal. I've done most my fishing out of canoes, kayaks, and jon boats. I've fished 3-4 people in a 14' plenty of times and don't have any issues with people tangling and I think it usually comes down to skill more than who's positioned where. When you're on a kayak or canoe in the wind, you learn a lot about how to successfully fish with far less than optional positioning. I guess that's the reason it hasn't been much of an issue for me the few times I have fished out of a bass boat.
  12. I think there a lot of things you could do socially outside of work. Get involved in a local fishing club or tournament trail or something in whatever other hobbies you might have.
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