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Astroglass Bass Boats

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I am trying to find out information on an old boat I have and Google searches and local boat shops seem to have nothing so I am trying the forums. It is a 1979 Astroglass Bass. I know they are no longer made but was wondering in context of this time period how this boat ranked. I always thought of Ranger boats as about the top level at least in 1979 but never heard of Astroglass. She is 16 foot and rated for 120hp motor. I think she is an Astroglass Bass 156. Understand I am just the kind of guy who likes to know all I can about stuff I own. Was it near the top or just an entry level boat? About what did it cost new? As she sits she is perfect for what I need at this time even without a motor. The live wells and bilge pumps work. I was told as it sits now it is worth about $1200. Any ideas out there? post-55963-0-34897800-1439259929_thumb.j

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Astroglass turned into Astro after being bought out by Brunswick in the early 1989 I believe. Astro and Pro Craft were sister companies until the Astro line was discontinued in the late 90's early 2000's. 

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I had one in the late 1980s. Mine was built with wooden stringers (as were all others, I suspect). Due to various things over time, water got into them and they became soaked and rotted. And when wooden stringers get wet, there is little you can do to successfully dry them out. With that, the structural integrity of the boat was kaput. Every time I started the outboard, the motor torque caused the bottom to crack. I'd repair the crack and it would re-appear every time. So check the boat thoroughly and ask about its history. I caught a lot of fish from that boat, but it was a fix-daily thing.

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