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Okay I'm looking for some good quality reels for under $150. I'm wanting to get into tourney fishing so I need something that will hold its own when I need it to. I have a Daiwa Tatula Tactical in 8.1:1 spooled with the old school spiderwire stealth 50# green braid and absolutely love it, just wish the drag was a little stouter. I will however be putting it on my C&T-Rig and Jig rod once I get my frogging and flipping setups ironed out. I was looking at getting the *** *** 8.1:1 for $120 from TW but can usually find the *** 8.1, and Concept C 8.1 on eBay new for $155 ish. Brand doesn't matter a whole lot just as long as it will haul in the fish plus the salad bar that usually comes with it when flipping and frogging mats.

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Call me stubborn but for me it´s been years since it´s either Daiwa, Shimano or Abu when it comes to reel purchases, so if I were to get me a reel and the only "limitation" is the drag well, I will get me a reel from either of those and purchase some Carbontex Drag pads for it, problem solved.

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New.....Tatula Type R or standard Tatula.  I prefer the finish on the R, but didn't notice a difference in performance between the two.  I do like the 8.1 ratio of the R.  The new Tatula CT is within that budget and possibly even the CT Type R  on ebay.  Haven't looked.  The Lew's Tournament MB is another fine reel....$109 on ebay.  Nice looking and dual brakes.

I think Carbontex drags run about $8.  I almost always have my drag upgraded whenever I send a reel for cleaning or tuning.

Another reel I am liking a lot now that I've spent a little time with it is the A model you mentioned.

Haven't used any of the new Shimanos so I will let others make Shimano suggestions.

Talk to Dan (smalljaw67).  He bought a couple of the Pflueger Supreme Xts and is very impressed with them.  Dan was a tournament fisherman before getting sick and has quite a lot of experience.  I've always thought Pflueger doesn't get the respect it deserves.  I've got the Trion and Patriarch XT (older blue model) and am very satisfied with both.

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