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Chuck Mix

Looking for a Fishing Friend

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Title says it all. 

I am a 28 year old, married man. I fished a lot growing up in my early teen years. I want to return to fishing, and specifically get into FLY fishing. I live in the KC area. Looking for someone that can show me the ropes of fly fishing, learn, and have some fun on the local ponds, lakes, and streams. I have no current gear, looking to make those purchases soon. Just hard to know what I need and when. I know we are heading into the winter months, would love to pick it up for a hobby and new past time. Anyone interested in teaching and fishing with a young novice with little experience?

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Hey Chuck. We have lots of active members in the KC area. I'm not sure how many fly fishermen we have though. I have a fly rod that I fish for bluegills and bass with occasionally, but am in no stretch of the imagination fit to be teaching anyone else how to do it. Follow along here, 

it's where most of the KC area members post at. 

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Flyfishing can be fun and I used to do a lot of it.  I have rods from 3 to 8 weight and used to spend time tying flies.  I wouldn't be able to teach you anything either.  I think K&K has classes and used to do free casting lessons on Saturday mornings.  All their equipment is high end and will cost you though.  I'd probably go to basspro or cabelas and get one of their combos in a 5 or 6 weight to get started.  Flyfishing is very technical and requires a lot of practice and skill.  If you want to tear up bluegills a royal wulff will get it done.

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I learned to flyfish by the brute force/self-taught method chasing bass and panfish on small ponds and walk-able lakes. Lessons are great and I think that in retrospect I could have saved myself a lot of heart ache by taking some.

I'm based out of Overland Park and there are several very flat, manicured ponds that would be fairly good for learning. Stream fishing is a little tougher to pick up around here, but I have gotten some weird looks while chasing carp around Indian Creek, so opportunities are out there.

I'd still recommend lessons in the long run,  but I'd be able to meet up with you to go through a few of the basics to see if you're interested in sticking with it. Shoot me a pm if you're interested.



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I'm too far away to help with actual fishing...but gear wise:

Rods: Look at Temple Forks Outfitters (TFO).  Most will be $300 or less for what you want to to do.  Personally I like the Axiom and Mangrove series rods the most...but fly rods are much more personal preference than gear rods.  Your casting style will dictate what action you like.

Reels: I am a big fan of Lamson.  Light, great drag, if you need it, and not bank busters on price.  Oddly enough...Orvis has some nicely priced reels as well...

Line: Don't skimp here.  Spend the money to get good lines...it might be $75 - $100...but they are worth it.  Get lines that are designed to do what you are doing.  For example: The Rio Smallmouth line excels at tossing bulky bass flies (think top water) into a wind...and getting the flies out there where you need them.  Scientific Angler, RIo, Airflo...all are excellent...but don't try to toss a bass fly with a trout line...you'll only get frustrated...

Leaders: For bass...don't get all wrapped up in tapered "bass" leaders.  Most of my bass/pike/musky rigs are set up with 4' - 6" of level line - usually fluorocarbon for it's stiffness.  If I expect toothy fish in the water, there'll be a foot or so of tieable leader on the end to I don't get bitten off 10 times a day.  Not sure if that's an issue near KC, but it's a real factor here in NW WI.

Use enough rod...unlike gear fishing, you really have to focus on what flies you'll be throwing to choose your rod and line...not so much on the fish you think you're going to catch.  I fish for bass with 6, 7 and 8 wt. rods, depending on what I'm throwing.  The bigger/more air resistant the fly, the bigger the rod...all will land any bass.

THe advice on lessons is spot on: if you can get them, take them.  There's nowhere within a reasonable distance for me...so I learned on my own and got corrections from other folks along the way...and I practice a lot...it is not unusual for me to grab a rod every night during decent weather and cast my way around the house for 15 minutes.

Good luck - and HAVE FUN!


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