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Trolling motor issues

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So in February, we had a warm snap and got me itching to go fishing. Decided that I better check the boat out in case the weather changed for the better again. Uncovered the boat and started cleaning things up and trued out the trolling motor, nothing. Thought what in the world! Messed with it on and off for about a week and couldn't figure it out. Had a feeling it was probably the circuit board in the foot control.

Took the motor off and took it to a local service shop. Yep it was the circuit board. Got it fixed and remounted the motor. Ran good but the weather turned cold again so just have to wait till the weather to break again.

Well this weekend is to be in the upper 60's, time to get the boat out. Started to pack some rods and gear in the boat. For some reason I decided to test the trolling motor again. Barely would move the prop. Checked the batteries, one of the batteries was not even trying to charge. Took it out and to the store I went. Battery is bad, not even a year old yet. They gave me a new battery also I bought another new one cause my one battery is not that great.

Hope I have the bugs worked out now. Wow what a pain, guess it is better to find out before I go than finding out on the water!

On the bright side the big motor fired right up and is running good!


I just want to go fishing :huh:!


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The joys of owning a boat. :D Glad you can get on the water. Hopefully everthing is ready to go. I just replaced a battery, found out about it 2 minutes on the water. :angry:

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I sold my bass boat to avoid all the upkeep hassle.Bought a jon boat ,kayak,and bass hunter through the years.Less hassle,but Ive had leaks in the jon and kayak,and have had lots of trolling motor issues because thats about all thats left to go wrong! Most of them are battery issues.

I was buying a new( so I thought) battery every year or so for 40-50 bucks from a local battery store.Came to find out that they were rebuilt batteries,thats why they were so cheap,and didnt last long.

Ive learned a lot about batteries but they are mysterious at times.

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Yeah I have been the non-boaters all my life. Got a great deal on this boat last year. So I became a boater now and

can understand why people go back to the non-boater status.


My biggest problem in the past was that I want to go out all the time but not having the boat obviously

limited that. Now I have a boat and can go when I want. I just realized there is a little more behind

it than just having a boat!


Oh well, guess you have to pay to play!

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Always change both 12V deep cycle marine batteries if 1 is bad. I would take the other back as well and exchange it for credit on the second new battery.


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