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Question on landing fish w/jigs

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I have noticed on a few occasions that if I am flipping my jigs into heavy cover like a thick lilly pad field that sometimes when I set the hook the fish will get "locked" in tight before I can get him up over the surface. I know he's getting me wrapped in the stems. I've kept constant pressure on him and when I have gone in to get the fish he's off and the jig is hung on the stems. Is he throwing the bait after getting hung or am I putting too much pressure on him while "holding" him in there until I can get to him? 


I have been using a heavy rod/fast action with a right handed reel 6:8/1 with 12lb drag. I'm going to upgrade to a faster reel 8.3/1 with a 20lb drag in LEFT handed retrieve so that I can control the heavy rod with my right hand during the hookset. I am hoping this will help me with better results. Was just wondering if there are any tricks or hidden tips someone could offer to help me land these fish. 

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Fish are evil.  Even small ones take my lures and stick them into trees, rocks, stems, etc.  I knew I couldn't be the only one

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Many will tell you braid is the answer, I'll tell you sometimes it doesn't matter what you do!

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They're likely ripping loose while they're pinned to the stems. You're just gonna lose some doing that, no way around it. Keeping them pinned is the best option imo.

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