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Dissecting the hunting Fogy bladed jig

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I came across an interesting discovery with my fogy bladed jigs last year.  When I put a caffeine shad on as a trailer the bait periodically stop wobbling for a second and veer off center then return to center wobbling.  The baits with this trailer suddenly started displaying classic hunting action that is normally associated with hunting crankbaits.  They also lost the paint on the head in same same two spots on the baits with the caffeine shad trailers.  The baits with other trailers did not lose their paint or hunt. 


Somehow the two were related.  After playing with the bait my hypothesis is that because the bait uses a split ring to attach the blade to the jighead this will allow the blade to over rotate and flip inverted.  This locks it to one side or the othe of the football head and creates an angled upwards bill for the bait to plane off left or right depending on which side the blade locked up.  How the caffeine shad trailer causes this I'm not sure.  I'm afraid to mess with lengths because it is somehow making this happen.  For reference I have however much that is of a caffeine shad on the hunting fogys.




How do I keep doing this?  Sorry mods please move to the correct section. 

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I get the same action using a Kalin Scrub. I get a consistent hunting action with constant blade action. I also get the exact same impact markings on the head. The continuous darting action is phenomenal. Brian. 

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The chatterbaits with rounded blades have that wider wobble compared to the hex or coffin shaped blades.  The Picasso Dredgers hunt well with every trailer Ive used so far, some just need a little more speed to get that action going.  Spunk shads will hunt well, but they create a substantial amount of lift compared to a fluke.

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I would have never thought to use a caffeine Shad as a trailer but I’ll try It for sure. 

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This is why I prefer the split ring connected blades. There is a much better "hunting", action with those baits typically. I also believe the wider range of motion provides a larger thump, simulating a larger baitfish instead of the sharper vibration of a direct connect style. I've fished both quite a bit and the split ring baits seem to get me larger on average bites and I believe it's because they better imitate a larger baitfish. 

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