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  1. I used in saltwater last year and today it’s reeling rough. I’ve got the side plate off and the spool out. What else to do to clean It? And where do I oil It? thanks
  2. Hi all. It’s been a while. I started law school in august, so with full time job, evening classes, and son’s baseball I’ve been super busy. Only fished once since the beginning of August. Anyway, I hate Braid and last spring stripped any Braid I had off my casting reels. I lost a lot of lures when my line would catch in the spool for no reason and snap my knot. I watched two jackhammers fly off into oblivion and that was enough. However, I want to try again for a pitching/frog setup I put together. I’m thinking now maybe I had loose line on the spool or something. How should I put my line on? I’ve got 50lb pp. Should I use mono backing? Electrical tape? Do y’all put It on as tight as possible?
  3. I just throw a sleeping bag and pillow on the deck of the boat depending on the weather.
  4. Well do It then. I don’t care if we trade or not.
  5. Picked up a 663 Dobyns fury yesterday. Really nice.
  6. Free tournament my buddy put on this morning for a few of us. He said he’d have a small prize for the winner. I won with 14lb bag, 5.3lb big bass.
  7. Still going through your reply but my own use tells me It has low stretch compared to big game that I grew up using. Such a big difference that It feels like no stretch to me. ??‍♂️
  8. Curious why I have been told more times than I can count, including on here, other forums, and in articles, to set up Daiwas with a small amount of side to side play, which has worked for me for all my reels. But somehow it’s a myth now because you say so? Who is right? Probably both sides since the reels work for everyone.
  9. Took my friend and his kids fishing tonight. I think they’ve been fishing twice in their lives and both were with me. After the first time the son spent all his birthday money on fishing stuff lol. Fishing and a little cliff jumping.
  10. Have you ever fished for catfish? It’s crazy. You use a new thing called “bait”.
  11. I keep a lightning Rod with a black max ready for guests or channel cats. Good rod. My second biggest bass was on a cherrywood that I used for dropshot. I think I got that rod for $19.99.
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