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Community Answers

  1. Why get another brand that’s like power pro instead of just getting power pro?
  2. I’ve got some freestyles with 6/0 beast hooks. But seems like hookset would be tough to get that big hook through the plastic. @JediAmoeba
  3. Also got a pack of pink 5” suicide shads for like $1.97 on clearance. Probably great at the coast.
  4. I threw It all away at the boat ramp. Wish I had kept the treble hook. Lol So I have Big Bites B6 6” line thrus, Big Bites 5” and 7” suicide shads, Big Bites 5.5” BB kickers coming. Going to rig the kickers with homemade line thru and use Big bites 3/4 oz and 1/4 oz swimbait heads for the suicide shads. Also already have some 4” storm largo shads. Between all these, surely I can accomplish what the magdraft does without It being one and done. Got probably 30 or more baits for the price of 6 magdrafts.
  5. Cbump

    S-waver 120

    Yessir let’s do It! I’ll pm you
  6. Why? His question was what’s a good tip on feeling the bite with senkos at night. If anyone didn’t any answer that question and added a whole bunch of extra stuff like what they use at night, then that’s on them.
  7. I can’t edit my post now but it’s supposed to say spooks not spoons. My son used It yesterday for hellraizer and It did great for that.
  8. Yeah that’s why I don’t want to original. The plastic one works for me! I just want to catch fish.
  9. Cbump

    S-waver 120

    Thanks. Not really what I was looking for. Y’all interested in trading?
  10. @AlabamaSpothunter where did you order? I want one! @UncleSasquatch I’ll pay shipping if you go grab one for me! Look at these prices! And that’s pro level hitting $50 for free shipping.
  11. Good line, no wind, keep most of the slack out of the line.
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