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A Caught Trout Catches A BIG Bass!


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I done caught a 9-10lb bass! I didn't have my scale, left it in the car. I sent the pics to a friend and he said that bass is 9-10lbs. Look at it compared to my shoe!

I used my ultralight BFS rod and reel with a 1/8oz Rapala Countdown minnow in gold color.  I wear a size 11 shoe.


Bought a new double spool, with shallow BFS spool, Doviello casting reel from Amazon. Used my Abu Garcia Volatile medium light casting rod.


I caught a trout, brought it close to shore, then a bass approached the trout and I waited till it took the trout. I gave it a few seconds then set the hook. Lost the trout but that bass had my lure deep in its mouth. Fought the bass for a few minutes to tire it out, did a few jumps that scared me of losing it. Landed the bass with people behind me. I actually used a live caught trout to catch a bass! Never would have thought that would ever happen!


I actually had a trout and bass caught together for a few seconds!


I had to sit down for a few minutes after releasing the bass, my legs were shaking!??????????


Caught one other trout later after that fun bass catch!







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Here's my reply to a post from another site, most intriguing.


"XXX" exactly that the trout is more nutritious for a bass, especially a bigger bass. I've only seen videos or read that a bass will feed on a trout head first. I actually witnessed that happening when that bass ate the trout. Once I eased the trout out of the weeds, the bass was in position to attack the trout head first. The trout was close to shore and the water was clear to see it all go down. Feeding line when the bass got the trout, I didn't spook the bass (talk about having patience doing this!) to letting go of the trout. When I set the hook, all I felt was a huge pull and the drag clicker going nuts! I tightened the drag enough to fight the bass. The trout was gone, not I'm not sure if the trout got away or if as quick as it can; the bass swallowed the trout. My small 1/8 oz Rapala Countdown was embedded inside the mouth of the bass with both treble hooks dug in, that bass was surely hooked!

The week before, I did catch another trout that did get the attention of another bass. That bass did take that trout head first (first time ever witnessing that), but 2 things were against me. I was then using a small trout jig with a single hook and I set the hook too quick. I didn't get a good hook set with a small single hook on the bass and it spit the trout out and also lost the bass. The trout did come unhook close to shore and swam off injured. A minute later not too far from me, I saw a huge splash; so that bass that had the trout came back and ate that trout!

I did during the week bring my swimbait rod and a few trout swimbait and glide baits. I just couldn't mimic the stressed reaction of a hooked trout to get the interest of any bass. The bass would come to investigate my swimbait or glide bait and swim off...it's probably thinking...fake.


Most incredible fishing experience I've witnessed while bass fishing.

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12 hours ago, Alex from GA said:

At Lake Castaic bass used to follow the trout stocking trucks.

They still do that at a few places in TN 

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The big bass adrenaline shakes are for real.


On 6/11/2023 at 7:27 AM, Alex from GA said:

At Lake Castaic bass used to follow the trout stocking trucks.


They still like trout. They (and the stripers) can chase the freshly stocked trout right back up onto the ramp where the truck is pouring them into the lake.


This Castaic Lake bass certainly enjoyed trout so much last month that he had a second one just like this sticking out from his stomach and yet still felt the need to slurp the Senko my buddy tossed to it.




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