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G Loomis GLX MBR844C vs GLX BCR854C

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I'm looking for a new rod for jigging & worming. I'm replacing a GLX MBR784C. I tried my GLX MBR843C and it wasn't powerful enough for me, hence my interest in the MBR844C and BCR854C. I love the MBR series but wonder if I would get a slight improvement with the BCR854C. The rod will be used exclusively for jigs and texas rigs. I'm looking for feedback on the differences between the two rods as well as anglers' experiences with the rods. Thanks.  :o

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Although I have the GLX MBR844C, everyone that has both this and the BCR854 rave about the BCR.

GMAN, where are you?  

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This probably isn't much help to ya but here it is anyways.  

I have the IMX MBR843c that weighs 4.75oz.  I find this a little to small for me for most of my T-rig applications but find it very suitable for Flukes and senkos/jerkbaits.

I went out to buy a flipping/C-rig stick other day but store was out of what I wanted.  I ended up buying a GLX MBR844c that weighs 4.65oz.

Today was the 2nd time I used it and IMO it was great.  I used it T-rig with 1/4oz bullet weight and found it to have plenty of power although not for jigging/flipping in heavy lily pads or thick matted weeds. (That's why I wanted the flippin stick)

The wind was 20+ mph. I was casting into the wind which caused a bow in my line(mono).  Even with the bow I was able to feel the bumps/hits vibrate up the line and down the rod.

The MBR844 is super sweet and I think will produce very well.  Sorry I haven't tried the BCR series. I just can't imagine it getting any better but apparently Roadwarrior has spoken to others that have.

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BCR is a GREAT rod, one of the few Loomis rods I still use.  

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