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Soft Baits with "pockets" for attractant

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I just started using the YUM craw papi baits. Near the mouth of the craw fish shapped bait there is a hole. I'm not sure why that hole is there but I have injecting Carolina Lunker Gel (crawfish) in that hole and it last for several casts before it is all desolved away.

The best thing about this bait, for me, has been the ability to let that bait sit on the bottom and the attractant to slowly dissolve in the water.

So my question...Does anyone know of any other baits that have this "pocket"? I have tubes and it seems to work with tubes as well but I like the natural look of the craw papi better. Nothing like a fish being attracted by a crawfish smell and taste to a crawfish looking bait.


Sorry for the commercial, that wasn't my intent.  Just looking for something similar.

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ALL soft plastics can have a pocket if you use a syringe. Or use a small drillbit to bore a hole, stuff a little cotton in there,add your scent.

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With MegaStrike or JJ's Magic, you don't need a pocket.

One application and you're good-to-go for the life of a

soft plastic. JJ's has a very strong odor, MegaStrike is

much more user friendly, but both products seem to hold

a fish a little longer.


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I was fishing sunday, Zoom Ultravibe speed craw( little salt) and YUM crawfish ( too much salt) We were spraying YUM3x on the YUM baits and getting fewer strikes n the YUM's with the salt and spray, Got more strikes on the ultra vibe, usead the YUM and rubbed most of the salt off and started getting strikes, now it could have been just the fsh but a little thing Ive noticed.

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