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J Francho

5/3/2009 - Playing The Numbers - Solo In The Gunship

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Wind started SSW, <10 mph, air temp mid to high 60°s, awter temps, 52-55°

I got a late start, and didn't get on the water until about 9:30 or so.  With all th etalk of shallow fish, I paddled out to one of the main points, and started getting fish immediately using a super shallow crank (Duo Slaver Crank SSR55).  These fish were coming from about 1-2' of water - all dinks.

I decided to work my way out instead, using some mid depth and semi deep cranks, Mid Warts, DT06, DT10, Old School Fat Rap, DTFAT03.  I started scoring better fish after just a few casts.

I had caught about 12 fish after the first hour and a half, and then things slowed down considerably, as did the wind.  I kept throwing cranks here and there, but switched to 1/8 oz. shaky head with a 4" hand poured worm.  What I found was I without the wind, I had to get off the point, and cast perpendicular to it.  

This pattern continued through out the day, on two other points, irrespective of wind.  I've run into this before, and it stumps a little.

By noontime, wind had shifted dramatically to NE, about 10 mph.  Not bad, but a little chilly.  The wind would go goofy again toward the end of the day, settling in to  steady eastern breeze.

At any rate, I continued working cranks, finding the better fish were still a little deeper, in that 8-12' zone, which suited me fine.  The DT10 was a good choice for snapping off deep vegetation, and started producing as well as the shaky worm.

Sometime around 1:00 PM, a float plane roared over my head and landed in the lake.  It taxied around, and docked near my uncle's cottage, so I paddled over to see my crazy cousin.  I do have to apologize here for not taking a pic of freaking plane docked next to my uncle's 26' charter boat, LOL.

We shot the bull for a few minutes, and I chucked a DTFAT03 from the dock, and caught a nice three pounder.  My uncle told me to leave his fish alone, LOL.

I headed out to check a strip of docks on the other side.  I like to scope out small chunk of docks each time, though i really don't like fishing them.  There might be a big fish or two there, but the main lake structures hold more, bigger fish, IMO.

I was right, too.  Caught a couple of dinks.  Saw another pair in an Astro, and they said they had four small fish, 2-3 lbs.  I decided to run back to my spot.  on my trip back north, I got blasted with some strange arctic blast coming straight out of the north.  It only lasted about 5 minutes, but WTH?

Got back to my initial main point, and immediately started catching.  This time on cranks.  I caught about five fish.  The bucket brigaders were swearing at me for releasing my bass.  I called the DEC, LOL.

Then it slowed down.  No problem, grab that shaky head.  I caught a couple, but I wasn't satisfied with the size.  Went to a BIG jig with a Paca Chunk trailer.  1st pitch into 12-13' of water, fish on.  A good one, too.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to exploit this jig bite for very long, as I had to be home in time for dinner.  The clock truck 4:00 PM, and my big banana boat became pumpkin sinker.

I fished for about 6:30 hours, and boated over 30 bass, all largemouth.  23 of them were keeper or better.  Most 2-3 lbs.  A couple were just over 4 lb.  No monsters, but an awesome day of fishing.

The pics:










Same fish as above, but note the melanoma spot below the secondary dorsal fin:



Sorry so many pics, but that was what the day was like - tons of hungry fish!

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yes i am the first reply

wow man awesome day. ill be up in rochester when u give me a shout to hit those bass up again. and good for you calling the dec do you have their number on your cell or what? never apologize for too many pics. i apologize for not having enough. def a day to remember my friend. good luck fellow ny'er


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I have the direct line to Bruce Hummel, the Eastern Monroe County officer.  I lost my Wayne County guy's number.  The easiest thing to do is use  1 800-TIPP-DEC, and give a good description.  I personally steer clear, and avoid confrontation.  Most DEC officers WILL NOT put you on the spot like a normal police officer will.  Almost without exception, they are all very nice guys.

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Nice fish , John

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Thanks Snook.  Had another fun day at lunch today - 13 fish in 45 minutes.  3 were 4+, 3 more at 3+, and the rest were ranging from dinks to 2.  One-two spinnerbait-Senko punch was the ordinance.

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Nice catchin!

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