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Captain Rhino

Bass Fishing in Lakes Without Weeds

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I'm new to the site and I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for bass fishing in lakes without weeds. I have been fishing in Kentucky lakes lately without any weeds and haven't had much luck. Does anybody have any advice about catching largemouth bass in areas such as these? Lure and structure recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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I fish a lake that is used for flood control and power generation and the level fluctuates greatly during the year, so no grass.  The key to fishing it is to focus on rock, wood and points.  Carolina rigs on points is a good place to start.  Use your depth finder to locate brush and rock piles as deep as 20 ft.  Without grass, you will typically have to fish deeper.  Also, any manmade structures will be the best places in the lake - old road beds or bridges.

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Just fish other forms of cover (brush, trees, etc.) and look for structure (contour- points, creek channels, humps, drops, etc)

Finding combinations of the 2 will unlock lots of fish...

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First off: I fish a few strip pits here in PA, with the same conditions

ROCKS, Rocks and more rocks>>> and if that don't work find some ROCKS ;D

Fallen or flodded timber also is excellent.

Wacky or t rigged(weightlesss) *** Trick Stiks

Rapalas  F11's in Silver/black back

Rapala DT"S>>>Knock them right off those rocks and trees

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Deep clear highland class reservoirs typically have sparse aquatic plant life (weeds/grass) due in part to the clay soil and changing water pool elevation. The bass evolve to use themroclines, shade, shaddows, mud lines, wood, rocks, creek channels, underwater humps or islands, major main lake points, soil breaks like sand to gravel or clay to rock and wind wave action to break up their silhouette.

During the summer period night fishing can be excellent as the bass tend to move up and roam the shallower shoreline areas.

Baitfish are key day time prey for the bass and crawdads become the dark hours targets.

Use your sonar to locate the thermocline or life zone depth where the baitfish and bass are holding. If you don't have a sonar unit, then fish the main lake points and islands from shallow to about 35 feet until you start getting some bites. Fish areas with the above breakline features at the depth the bass are feeding. Drop shot, split shot, slip shot, C-rig and T-rigged soft plastic worms work well. If the bass are active, use a reaction type lure like a crank bait, jerk bait, spinner bait, under spin, structure spoon. Spider and shakey head type jigs are also a good choice to work the deeper water zones.


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