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  1. Got the new Jackall Revoltage RVⅡ-C71H-ST with TORAYCA T1100G and Torayca M40X, has a solid tip the tip is not soft at all and should be a excellent bottom contact rod, I paired it with a new JDM STEEZ A II.
  2. Finally got the white TDZ finished, the black one is next.
  3. Gonna top it off with a 100mm SLP carbon handle and Red SLP skeleton knobs.
  4. Teaser video of one of my TDZ's getting ready for the Cerakote process, I'm retaining the "Type R+" logo which was silk screened from the factory and subsequently removed when sand blasting the reel, by laser etching it in then color filling it in with red, the reel itself will be satin black, with red accents throughout. The second TDZ will be satin pearl white with gloss black accents. https://streamable.com/7gpwis
  5. And the R+ was $550 MSRP back in 2004 when it was released in Japan, Which would be around $888 today. TD-Z can still be had for the sub $200 range but at that price they are obviously well used though. I have a few currently that are being Cerakoted and converted to 7.1:1 gears. I do have NIB RH models but like the LH versions they aren't for sale.
  6. The left hand models are really scarce. Even in the past
  7. Organizing some storage and came across these I had forgot about, they still have the factory label on the spool and have never been used to this day, back in they go I guess.
  8. Here you go. https://sliderfishing.com/shop/ols/products/weedless-crappie-slider-ball-head-cbhb16-1-18-per-pack/v/WDL-CRP-SLD-BLL-18
  9. 844MBR is versatile enough for 3/8-12 chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, square bills, jigs etc.
  10. Just got the newly released EDGE Epitome MBR 725-1C, utilizing the new X-Ray Air Carbon blank, the rod weights just 2.92 ounces on my scale, I paired it with a 2022 Bantam. So far this is the only Bass specific rod using this new blank that they've released.
  11. I use the Bite Me Tackle Finesse Shakey Heads they come in 2/0 size, perfect for the zoom finesse worm or a 4.5 inch straight tail roboworm. Here's a picture with a 4.5 inch roboworm
  12. I have the P5 Landsat with an Exist, I would get the the Landsat and since your partial to Shimano reels pair it with a Vanquish.
  13. Unless your purposely sabotaging every experience you have with spinning gear, it's equipment and or user error, otherwise you wouldn't post about your troubles using it. These are your issues are they not? I have none of these issues and I have straight 8lb-10lb flourocarbon on a few spinning combos.
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