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  1. Sorry i don't own the Sensor. Black Jack is a really nice med size softbait stick. I use it mainly for 3/16-1/4 oz texas rig, free rig and weightless baits like D Shad, dolive stick fat. It has fast to slow dual taper found on many JDM sticks.
  2. nice. i got one a while ago with intentions of doing the gear swap and mods to run 34mm spools properly and more. then realized the reel was too pretty as it is and couldnt bring myself down to do it, so mission aborted lol
  3. Finally gave in and picked up a new zillion tw hd. This is my first new reel purchase since early last year. It's very smooth for an 8.1 ratio reel. The boost spool is okay, obviously meant for lures on heavier side, it's nice to have a deep spool option, i use mostly 34mm SV spools. Happy with it so far.
  4. I went to puddingstone this afternoon, full on algae bloom there right now, i wasn't expecting to see that yet. Did a lot of walking and casting, had two bites and brought one in. Hopefully it cleans up soon, it's not fun removing the nasty stuff after every cast.
  5. Too many cormorants there now. It's been even slower since they came in big numbers. Now i see people catch mostly small bedfish here and there. it's just not fun fishing there even I'm probably there like once a week since it's literally down the freeway from me lol. At least at puddingstone they have rocks and brushes in the water, you can actually feel something, legg is just all mud on the bottom.
  6. The surrounding neighborhoods are still sketchy at magic but the park itself is chill as long as you stick to the "mind your own business" stuff. A lot of 1lbers in there lol the place doesn't seem to get the same pressure as alondra or other city ponds but they are super spooked, typical finesse softbait fishing is the way to go just to get some bites, spinnerbaits did well for me there too. I moved out of the area, kinda miss magic and alondra both, fun lil ponds to scratch the itch. Legg lake/whittier narrow is not the same, rather drive a few more miles to hit puddingstone right now.
  7. Built my own poormans zillion tw hd lol Zillion 10 with backlash x Livre handle and main gear/worm gear from zillion sv 7.3
  8. I have a 92mm zpi handle on it and would like replace it with a 85mm so i can still use the purple zpi nut and bolt.
  9. Just got this ktf finesse spool in. I've been tinkering with my alphas sv for some years, even tried to sell it a couple of times before. I tried MB Zonda honeycomb in it recently but found it unsuitable for my needs. I would like to find a shorter handle for this eventually but i think I'm done messing with the rice rocket for now.
  10. That's amazing. Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better soon.
  11. That's really nice ? Good point about being able to feel more through livre titanium knobs.
  12. Thanks! Alcance looks great. I've been curious about their casting performance, this and shallow spool RGC. Is that an avail handle?
  13. I don't have any other custom spool in same size to compare to, but I'm pretty sure they all perform about the same. Some fixed rotor, some air rotor, guess all comes down to what you want to get out it. Ktf finesse runs good in alphas ct/steez ct. I only target bass so i don't throw super light stuff. 1/16 oz texas/jig head plus amall soft plastics are about the lightest i go. It has quick start up, decent control, can get a lil finicky around the winds. That's awesome. I recently picked up a blue zpi pg to complete one of my steez A that i put together with zpi parts a few years ago. SV spools work great in steez A so i had been holding off but finally gave in. [20211218-141742.jpg](https://postimg.cc/K1YSchDH) [![20211218-141742.jpg](https://i.postimg.cc/bwxzTzDp/20211218-141742.jpg)](https://postimg.cc/K1YSchDH)
  14. Alphas ct is a casting machine with smaller baits. To me it casts as good as steez ct, they are awesome little spools. Yea the ktf finesse doesn't hold that much, i don't go above 8lb fluoro since i try to whip it out as far as i can when fishing.
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