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  1. Either, doesn’t matter but I do feel like fish feel bigger when using a baitcaster.
  2. Your and my background seem very similar, even down to the first two rods. All of my bass fishing was casting to shorelines so I wanted to learn about offshore and learned about football jigs. Fell in love with it, especially 3/4 ounce and bought a setup for heavy presentations. With that said, maybe buy the next rod based off of one aspect that you really like or think you will like. From there, I wanted something very Ned specific, I go against the norm, I throw Ned’s on a bait caster and bought a setup for light presentations. After that, something for just T-rigs and forward. I’ve found some of these setups to handle spinbaits really nice as well depending on the weight of the bait I want to use. I know I’m not being rod specific here, just a path as your path and mine are similar. FWIW, I like Dobyn’s Champion XP Rods and Curado Reels for most things but I also have Shimano and St Croix as I am enjoying these new monocoque handles.
  3. I made a post about learning on a DC in another thread. I went to a Curado DC reel to give me some confidence as I was doing very poorly with a $60 Rod/Reel Combo I bought from Dicks. Hindsight being what it is, yes DC gave me confidence but reality is the learning curve was achieved because it was simply a higher quality reel. Any Curado I bought after (too many!) are not DC, I do not need it. In summary, there is no reason to not buy a DC, it won't hurt his learning curve, it will help.
  4. I will be fishing it today for the 2nd time. So far I am enjoying it. I am a fan of that handle style after buying a Zodias a little over a year ago. Balance with a Vanford 2500 makes it feel much lighter than you would think. Hopefully get a bite today! lol
  5. Kind of overkill for a dedicated wacky rod unless you have confidence in that blank over another for casting accuracy. I just picked up a Physyx that I am liking for that presentation but it isn't like the Mojo Bass, Triumph, Dobyns Fury I used before this rod were slouches. I just like shiny new things.
  6. Bass are like grumpy old men. They don’t mind being left alone and out of sight.
  7. My development has a retention basin that holds water since it was built 6-7 years ago. Sunnies, bass and catfish have made their way into it. It’s become a popular place for the kids in the development to go and fish all the time. Nice to see kids enjoying outdoor activities rather than staying inside playing video games.
  8. I started out of a Hobie Outback, both salt and fresh but after a few years or so, I was in your position and bought a boat. I will always say that kayak fishing cannot be beat, it is such a connected fishing experience. If you never fully got into kayak fishing, it’s hard to explain but if you did, you know what I mean. I am unsure of the headaches a boat brings? I know the old saying, the best 2 days, buying and selling but my boating experience has been great and I will never look back.
  9. I have never bought a higher end spinning setup for bass fishing so today I changed that and picked up one of St Croix's new Physysx rods. I paired it with a Shimano Vanford 2500 I picked up a couple of weeks ago during BP's trade-in days. Not a deal of a lifetime but I saved $30 on the rod with a recent coupon and $50 off the reel trading in an old Shakespeare $20 trout rod. Can't wait to fish it!
  10. My wife said she felt it at our house but I was driving at the time, heading to Cabela's in Hamburg, Pa and can't say that I felt anything. Oh my wallet felt it though....
  11. Does the result of this tournament prove that LS is an issue or that LS is not an issue?
  12. Just following up on this post as their first tournament kicks off April 1st with a ride around. I made a post earlier in this thread stating "I hope I am categorically wrong on everything I posted above" as I was raising an eyebrow and questioning the authenticity and honesty of this association. There are some big names participating in this so it will be interesting to see how this association evolves. I am still raising an eyebrow......until every winning participant is paid. The ol put your money where your mouth is I suppose.
  13. Not to mention that most electronic manufacturers have developed the same sales philosophy as computer and phone manufacturers, incremental updates to keep the consumer engaged and spending. FWIW, I am in Pa myself and I am using 2 106SV with GT56 on the transom and a GLS10/LVS32 and steady cast. I love this setup. The GT56 brings another level of image quality over the GT54 and the 10” has more pixels per inch than other displays in the Echomap category.
  14. I agree about questioning mortalities and the sources of the reports. If you do a google search, you'll find varying numbers. Then do a search on other species, their estimated C&R mortality are not consistent either. Like everything else in the world, the numbers slant to fit the agenda of the reporting body. I am of the opinion that tournament fishing should not be allowed until after the spawn unless it's catch, weigh and immediate release. That just seems like common sense to me. Covid brought in a whole new population of anglers, FFS is shortening the learning curve. More anglers, more catching, more mortality. That is common sense. I believe every tournament body out there "believes" they are being as protective of the species as they can be.....but are they really? I just cannot support removing a fish, especially if on bed. I know the money behind it, the money can remain but practices have to be modernized.
  15. I bought a Curado DC after failing at using a cheap Abu Garcia baitcaster. It gave me confidence and I was on my way but I think it had more to do with being a higher quality reel rather than a DC. I still use it, no reason not to but the many reels that followed are not DC.
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