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  1. A trap bass wake gill jr, around 3oz. I love the thing
  2. lesson learned man, the rod loaded up completely. i shouldve just put the hammer down and swung then cranked her in. tried to play it out and lost my pb. she slurped a big wake like it was nothing
  3. my luck is awful, just had a 6+ shake me free on my 3oz wake bait. i treated it like a crank bait and played her light, loosened the drag and reeled into it. apparently i should have stuck her hard and just cranked her in. absolutely sick, my luck has been awful this year
  4. Egypt is an awesome lake and I have only heard good things about shahola. I definitely want to try there. Promised land is great, you can usually catch some good numbers there
  5. Mann what there was a tournament?? I caught probably 10 pounds on Saturday morning in a 3 hour span there, how can I get into a promised land tourney? If you could pm me thatd be awesome
  6. Forgot to post but the poconos was on fire last week. Caught around 25 fish in a morning/night fish
  7. d**n I need to get up there and try it. I was just fishing at my cabin and caught 20+ fish in a day biggest was only 2.8 though.
  8. Mannn I just want one over 5 ? I now know first hand about the pigs in GL
  9. Care to elaborate a bit? Should I try focusing on where they start and end?
  10. Weeds sprinkled in, not much brush or other cover. Starts in about a foot-2 feet and drops off sharply to 10-15
  11. Help break them down for me fellas. I’ve thrown jigs, cranks, shakey heads, Texas rigs etc. I’ve tossed up shallow and dragged it off the drop, fished parallel to the drop, and can’t get bit. It is too shallow to set up and fish up hill. I just can’t get bit near these rock walls but know they hold fish.
  12. Went to greenlane for a night sesh yeaterday. My friend who doesn’t fish much hooked into the biggest largemouth I’ve ever seen. I estimate around 7, he gets it to the boat and before I can even say anything he grabs the line, and it snaps. I couldn’t believe he grabbed the line!!! It was too quick for me to yell or say anything. I think my boat is cursed
  13. Hello, has anyone fished green lane reservoir in northern montgomery county? It's my first year fishing there and have struggled a bit. I managed to hook into what looked like a 5+ pound largemouth in some deep wood on a 1/2oz black/blue jig. Since then i've only managed dinks up shallow, and can't get any other deep bites. If anyone has any tips i'd appreciate it, i dont have any electronics for the time being.
  14. Keeps the pressure down. I don’t mind it
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