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    Anywhere I can catch fish.  Pick a lake, alright, Lady Evelyn Lake, Northern Ontario

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    Been fishing for 65 years.  The last 25 years I've been fly fishing.  Prefer warm water, particularly bass over trout.

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  1. They definitely stand out. They stock a few of them in the local creek. Most are caught quickly but once in a while they get washed out of the easy to fish spots and survive through the summer. They get some competition in the local creek from goldfish that were dumped into the creek. Once they get out of the fish bowl, goldfish can grow to a couple of pounds. One time after some really high water koi showed up in the creek, at least for that summer.
  2. I thought I had a few more. They might be stashed somewhere. All of them weigh in between .1 and .2 oz and between 1 1/2 and 2 inches long. Two Rattle Traps, a Zara Pooch, a Rapala UL Shad 04, a Rebel minnow of some sort and one that I think is a Yozuri. I wished I checked my tackle box last night. I went to a fishing flea market with a couple of friends today, and one guy had a whole tackle box of these tiny lures for sale. Two or three dollars each. We're going to another fishing flea market next week. I'll have to keep my eyes open. I have an UL rod that I must of built for fishing these light lures. I could throw them with my fly rod.
  3. I caught my first big bass, a 4+ pound fish, trolling a Jitterbug, at a local reservoir. It was run by the local electric company. We hadn't even gotten out of sight of the dock. Turned around went back in. Had the fish weighed and my picture taken to put on the photo board. They worked great on the local farm ponds I fished when I was in college in NW Tennessee. I still have them in my tackle box and use them when I put down my fly rod. All the ones I have now I picked up at local fishing flea markets for a dollar or two. Cleaned them up, put on new trebles, replaced the skirts on the ones that have them. They'll be making the trip with me to NE Ontario this summer.
  4. Barlow's has the lips online not in their catalog. They have a small size, but looking at the lip on the "micro" Jitterbug I have. The body is 1 1/2 inches long. I can toss it with my 8 wgt fly rod if I want to. The small size lip may be too large for a "micro" jitterbug. When I started tying flies, I was always trying to make flies that imitated my favorite top water lures. The jitterbug still is one my favorites when I use spinning. I came up with these and they did work.
  5. The only time I run into that situation is when I go up to a lodge in NE Ontario. The lake is known for it's walleye, but my buddy and I prefer to fish for smallmouth. We do catch walleye and smallmouth from the same areas, particularly on the mid-lake shoals and humps. Smallmouth during the day and walleye in the evening. There's a small window in the evening where we'll catch both, but as it gets darker the smallmouth bite dies off.
  6. There is no difference. "Sili Legs" and silicone skirt material are the same thing. It just costs more to buy them at fly shops. I've been using the silicone skirt layers/spinner bait skirt layers for my flies for close to 25 years. I buy them from tackle making catalogs like Jann's Netcraft and Barlow's. I even use a full spinner bait skirt for some of my bass bugs. If I'm tying 1/8 oz or smaller jigs, I prefer the the "traditional" materials, bucktail and marabou.
  7. Since I mainly fly fish, I'm use to fishing barbless hooks. They're required in some of the trout streams I fish, but I use them also for warm water and salt water fly fishing. I never been able to talk myself into removing the treble hooks from my lures. What I've been doing the past two years is replacing the barbed trebles with barbless ones. I buy them from either Barlow's or Jann's Netcraft. So far they've worked well. Easy to remove from fish or net. Not to mention myself.
  8. That's something I associate with fly fishing, particularly for trout. Since I fly fish most of the time for bass, the closest I come to "matching the hatch" would be with my frog patterns. With the rest of my flies, I'm just trying to convince the bass or the trout the fly is something edible. With lures, if the lake has small bait, minnows, I probably go with a narrow body lure. If shad are the main forage, then I might go with a wide body lure. I would go with both. Until you start casting you have know idea which one is going to work.
  9. I live in SE PA. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Ohio, Tennessee, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky and South Carolina. Not states but US Territories, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. And Ontario.
  10. All my spinning reels have a spare spool. One has two extra spools. Most of my fresh water reels have 10 or 12 lb fluorocarbon on one spool and 10 or 15 lb braid on the other. My large reel which has the two extra spools, and I occasionally use for salt water. Two spools have fluorocarbon, 15 lb on one and 20 lb on the other. The third spool has 30 lb braid. I tie the braid directly to the lure or jig. I don't use a leader.
  11. I'll be up in Ontario next week. The odds are the smallies are going to be in 20 to 30 feet of water which will make using my fly rod a bit of a challenge. I have a box of flies tied on 1/32nd and 1/20th jigs which I plan to fish off a fast sinking line with a long leader. These are the bucktail and marabou ones. I've have a couple "Ned" flies to try. Tied on 1/20th oz Ned Jigs One of my most successful flies the last two years has been my crayfish pattern. This year I tied a dozen or so on 1/4 oz jigs At least I won't feel guilty using some scent on them.
  12. Normally, a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a couple of cookies. Liquid, a bottle of sparkling water and/or a box of coconut water. If it's hot, maybe a bottle of Gatorade or an extra bottle of sparkling water. Sometimes I carry a couple of Kind bars or protein bars to snack on in my fishing vest.
  13. Welcome, I'm in Philly. One of my fishing buddies has a place near Wallenpaupack and we do a lot of fishing in the smaller lakes in that area. Locally, I'm not far from the Wissahickon, so if I want a quick fishing fix I'll go there. It has a good population of smallmouth and a few largemouth. I've seen some decent size bass in there but most average between 8 and 12 inches long. Fun on light tackle or fly rod.
  14. Last few flies for my Ontario trip in two weeks. These are patterns I haven't used in a couple of years. This one is called a "Bead Belly". A guy in my saltwater fly fishing club showed it to me many years ago. I used it for a couple of years as a silverside imitation, but moved on to unweighted baitfish patterns. Generic bait fish Perch Hook- Gamakatsu Straight Shank Worm hook, 1/0 Thread - clear polyester thread Body - Flash blended Mirror image Belly - Two large silver bead heads in front of a piece red Mirror Image Eyes - Living Eyes, 6 mm Head - UV Resin This one is a Short Floating Woolly Bugger. I usually tie them on a long shank and larger hook. I'll fish it like a gurgler across the top. It has a big enough head to use it as a popper. Front View Hook- Kona XS Stinger, size 2 Thread - 3/0 color to match body Body - Crystal chenille and wrapped saddle hackle Head- 3/8" Foam cylinder Eyes - Living Eyes, 8.5 mm Crease Fly(modified). Crease flies were one of my go to flies when I fished salt water, but I moved away from when I fished fresh water. Normally tied on a single straight shank hook, I think the action is better "tied" this way. Hook- VMC 9648 BZ barbless treble Thread - only to wrap on the hook shank or in this case the articulated shank as a base to glue the foam Body - Large articulated shank with 2 mm craft foam, cut in a triangular shape, folded in half over the shank. Halves glued together then trimmed to shape Eyes - Living Eyes, 8.5 mm Tail - Dressed treble hook
  15. I don't normally use night crawlers around here. Mostly flies and lures. If I do use live bait it's usually minnows. The only time I use them is when I go up to a lodge in NE Ontario.. The lodge supplies night crawlers for bait and we usually pick up three dozen leeches at a bait shop on the way up. The basic rig is a 1/4 oz jig, any color as long as its chartreuse, with a half a night crawler on it. If we're anchored on a spot we just drop it over the side let it hit bottom, make a couple of turns on the reel and let it sit 12 to 18 inches off the bottom. Last year, I used a drop shot rig and it worked really well. The hook was 12 to 18 inches off the bottom. I tried fishing for them with circle hooks below a slip bobber, again it worked but half the time the smallies swallowed the hook and I had to clip the line and leave the hook. They'll also hit a jig with a half night crawler cast toward shore structure and reeled in fairly fast. It's how we determine if the spot is worth fishing. If we catch a smallie, then I'll switch to my fly rod and my buddy to lures. Walleye and pike also take night crawlers.
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