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  1. now that i just got into serious bass fishing i broke it 4 times last sumeer but i was stuck at 6 forever so it was completely awesome! caught it on a black and blue pitching jig and kinky beaver which i ripped of the brush hawg looking things! i took right off into the log jam i caught it the day after my bass junior series tournament lol
  2. im ashamed to admit it but i have never landed a fish on a chatter bait! i have lost one but thats it!
  3. the other sound that could wake him up is the sound of the bait reeled all the way to the tip
  4. So, to type on this forum do you like yank electronic units down a repurpose them? and can you please look around for this one lure i snagged?
  5. i live on chickamauga a very pressured lake that gets livescoped alot the fish can hear(or feel?) the ping of ALL electronics and they adopt they shut down thats why ounce the fish are located the units get turned off.
  6. who else is going to the expo? @TnRiver46 i would figure your going, im volunteering with boat care, also looking to snag a couple deals on some new rods and baits!
  7. a little late but i finally got to edit my profile my new pb is 8 pounds and 5 ounces!
  8. i dont know but when i cant go there its is basically game over for me
  9. i fish the BASS junior series, yes boats have it. I finished 5th in points in south east tn nation we just got one unit on our boat also happened to be first tourney i zeored, i hate fishing watts bar when the dam is off limits, but i have nothing against it and would love to have it but i would rather have a really nice kayak then ffs
  10. if i see them at the expo at the bassmaster classic i will for sure be picking some up!
  11. what do we think about the newest megabass product?
  12. i agree! he is going back to a row boat with oars soon and then say everyone else should too lol
  13. i dont think they will ever ban ffs in tournaments who sponsors the trails ?
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