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Parking And Charging A Boat At An Apartment Complex

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On 1/12/2013 at 8:34 PM, Glenn said:

When I lived in an apartment, I kept my boat at my sister's house, which was about 15 mins away.  When I moved to a condo, no such luck.  But I found a storage facility (actually 2) that had indoor, locked storage w/power hookup complete with 24/7 access.  Believe it or not, one of them was Public Storage.  Keep in mind that a storage unit with a light bulb in it is good enough.  There are adapters for lights that have plug-ins.


Oops...did I say that in my outloud voice?

X2, I did the exact same thing when we were looking for a house, and yes the ole single light bulb outlet was able to accommodate the needs of a four bank charger. 

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9 hours ago, April said:

I think it is selfish, please put your boat in a marina

Bass anglers routinely fish various lakes and rivers, so they do not need a highly expensive marina slip.


You might want to take the time to understand a thing or two about bass boat ownership before swatting the hornet's nest while complaining about getting stung.

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If you were only charging one battery you might get away with solar, but on multiple batteries it doesn't work well !!  These folks that choose to live in there fancy housing editions can keep them, I choose to live out in the country among hard working tax paying citizens that help their neighbors nd work hard to get along !!  Being stuck in an apartment really sucks, I remember those days well !!  Perhaps you could look at renting a small house or duplex that has a garage.  With the criminal element on the rise, I would never trust my boat out in the open in a public place.  Paying for a secure storage are might be your best bet, not only for charging batteries but for security as well !!  I know that I get a healthy insurance discount for keeping all my toys in my locked barn !!  Good luck...

10 hours ago, April said:

It is not fair to the other residents to see a boat in the parking lot, it looks trashy.

You are not living in a house, try to think of the people who live there.

Boats look pretty in the water only. 
In my complex, the rents range from $2400 - $3700 and people expect and want the grounds to look nice.

I think it is selfish, please put your boat in a marina like most people do.

I don’t like them in someone’s back yard either.

I don't care for the appearance of some folks cars either, as they never wash them, choose weird colors or let the rust show thru..  I also believe it is extremely selfish to impose your ideas and beliefs onto to others, if people would learn to mind there own business, we would have far less problems in the world !!  In my area, we dont need no fancy HOA or whatever it is called, if someone's yard gets trashy we simply get a few neighbors together and go talk to them, if there is a problem, we help them take care of it,  no lawsuits, no courts, no police, no problem !!

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On 1/12/2013 at 2:31 PM, Teal said:

If there are any elderly people that need someone to help with them with yard work in exchange for a parking spot in a garage or a barn would be nice too.


I did this once. An older couple lived in a house with a garage down the street from my apartment complex. A quick stop, a nice introduction, and $40 a month got me a nice  enclosed garage for my 17 footer! 

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