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Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Owners Discussion

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I know there have been contributors who have suggested not to buy this boat and get a metal boat, I am not interested in that debate.  I started this thread in the hopes of starting an ongoing discussion among Sun Dolphin Pro 120 owners to share modification ideas, ask questions, and make suggestions for those of us who own this boat.   I am a brand new owner and would really be interested in hearing from any of you who enjoy this boat and have optimized it over the years.   


Below is what I have done to my boat:

  • 1 105AH 29DC battery for now
  • MK Edge 45 up front
  • MK Endura Max 55 in the back
    • drilled hole under rear deck into battery compartment 
    • Added rubber grommet on both sides of hole and ran small piece of electrical conduit for the trolling motor wires into the compartment
    • Added 50a breaker to positive side
  • Mounted telescopic oars to inside top cover of live well using broom clamps
  • Sealed seams between drain plug housings and boat with marine sealent
  • Velcro'd box for drain plugs to be stored to inside top cover of battery compartment
  • Added hole plug with marine sealent to oar locks to eliminate water from entering
  • Added buckle strap to hold down trolling motor pedal while on highway
  • Fabricated pvc pipe trolling motor stabilizer for rear TM for transporting on highway


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Put an outboard on it. You really don’t need much in the way of modifications for that boat. It comes as a pretty complete setup.


I had a Basshound 10.2 which a similar smaller version of that boat and put a casting deck and outboard on it and fished it all over the place. Since yours already has the casting platforms, the outboard is all you need.

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Hey mmargoli, how have you enjoyed your PRO 120. Been looking at these for over a year and have yet to pull the trigger (going to this fall I'm pretty sure). Was thinking the same thing about putting a TM on the back to help in loading. Does the 55 have enough umph to push it up on the trailer.



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