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Spinning Reels vs Baitcasters

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On 3/10/2023 at 9:47 AM, TOXIC said:

There are many more on this site much smarter than me but in all of my years using spinning gear for weightless Senkos addressing the baitcaster opinion in seminars and demonstrations, I’ve just put it this way…. In order for a weightless Senko to perform at its maximum potential, it MUST fall on a slack line with as little resistance as possible.  This fact alone rules out heavier line and braid due to the resistance tension heavy lines create in and on top of the water.  The heavier the line the more it pulls on the nose of the Senko resulting in a nose up fall.  Line on a baitcaster, even in free spool mode, must spin the entire spool of line when casting.  That means you have resistance from both the spool weight and the weight of the total amount of line you have on that spool.  The heavier the line, once again, the heavier the spool.   As minimal as it may be with the new baitcasters designed to throw light baits, there is still resistance from the bearings.  That is not the case with spinning gear.  And finally for the 90% of anglers using traditional baitcasters, having to strip line off manually as the Senko sinks contributes to interfering with the Senkos action and will increase the chance of missed strikes because the majority come on the fall and are best capitalized on by watching your line on the water.  Fall behind on your feeding of the line and the Senko will pendulum back towards the rod.  The last consideration and I honestly don’t know which setup gets the most benefit of is line guide resistance.  Do the larger guides on spinning contribute to less resistance or does the straight line smaller guides of a baitcaster?  Let me reiterate once again, I have no problem with someone fishing a Senko on a baitcaster, it is done everyday and fish are caught everyday.  If you feel more comfortable with a baitcaster, by all means throw it.  It’s just that I have thrown Senkos for so many years my mind has drilled down into the smallest influences on a seemingly simple bait the same as someone who is super proficient in throwing a crankbait, jig, spinnerbait, jerkbait, etc.

I get this.  


me? I am in a dang kayak and we are at the beckon call of the wind.  I find that I can cast with the wind and the wind slowly pushing me towards the bait really allows the worm to drop straight down. just works for me and my weird logic.  but yea.  I started weightless senkos with a spinning.  it really honed my accuracy game with spinning.  


I do something similar in my friends boat.  I am casting to his leftover spots and I cast into the direction we are heading.  my worm behaves okay.  I got my PB like that.  casting to his leftover spot.  he was ticked.  hahahah.

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