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Trolling for bass

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Nearly 60 years ago me and my new bride spent a few days (honey moon) at a fish camp on Bull Shoals. At the general store on site there were 2 huge largemouth up on the wall behind the counter. The old gent running the place claimed to have caught both while trolling in a little john-boat w/ 5h.p. motor. He had his rod/reel mounted under the 2 giants and it looked like salt water sized gear. I commented that it must have been a hell of a battle due to the immense size of these brutes as a 2 lb'er was about as big as I'd seen to that point. He laughed and said that once the beast was hooked he hauled it across the top of the water as fast as he could. He made a statement that I still smile at. He said "as long as that fish was in the water he was in his territory. When I get him in the bottom of my boat, he's in my territory."

Fyi, one fish was just over 8lbs. and he said he spun the boat around and trolled back over the same spot. The second trophy was just over 9 lbs.

He proceeded to tell me another story about another visitor to the camp that had, just the other day, caught his first bass that weighed 8lbs. I said that I thought that was as good as it gets. He said "no, that was the worst thing that could have happened to him. He will fish the rest of his life and not catch another like it."😳

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Large pike and muskies will come from over a 100' away and attack a large Rapala in the wide deep section of the St. Lawrence River while trolling. Never even pinged by a fish Finder.

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