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After having received a substantial gift certificate at Christmas for

fishing tackle, i would like your INPUT on "MUST HAVE" jigs, and plastics for Large and Smallmouth bass. Give me the best of the best,

tried and true from your tacklebox. i really would appreciate it!

doesn't have to be a long list...just Your favorite.



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Soft plastics:

1. GYCB Fat IKa

2. 5" Senko

3. Rage Tail Baby Craw

4. GYCB Kreature

5. Rage Tail Single-Tail Grub

6. GYCB Hula Grub

7. GYCB Kut-Tail

8. Mizmo 3 1/2" tube (Kent's Classic, Squash Green)

9. Rage Tail 10" Anaconda

10. Rage Tail Lobster


1. GMAN 1/2 oz Big O

- Big O

- Black

2. NorthStar 1/4 oz Hairy Craw


-Black & Brown

Jig Trailers

1. Rage Tail Lobster, Craw & Baby Craw

2. GYCB Flappin' Hog (watermelon w/ black flakes & black w/ blue flakes)

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Mepps Spinners, Cavitron Buzz baits, War Eagle Spinner Baits, Rapala crank baits, especially the shad raps, floating minnows and the DT series. Basstrix paddle tail tube baits or something similar and the BassTwitcher jigs to rig them on (jpjigs.com), senko worms, Evolution Jigs, Gulp black shad minnows, Case Plastics - Buzzing Frog, Chompers garlic & salt skirted grubs and some sort of white twister tail. I also like the Bass Pro XPS Lazer Eye in-line spinners.

And my secret weapon - the Bass-Erator - my own home-made in-line Buzz Bait.

With that, you'd be loaded for bear! or at least a lunker........

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Well everyone else has pretty much covered everything except 2

-YUM Crawfish 3.25in Green Pumpkin

        - I have been in a boat that was less than 5 ft from a bass, and still had it bite this. It is the ultimate in realism with a life size body.

- Strike King Denny Bauer Jigs

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Soft Plastics

*Everything is listed no particular order*

1. GYCB 5inch Kut-Tail (Greenpumpkin, Cinnamon Brown)

2. 4-5inch Senkos/Yum Dingers/Waveworms (Greenpumpkin, Cinnamon Brown, Black/blue, Watermelonred, Watermelon Gold w/blk flk, Watermelon, Black, White, Red Shad, and 2 colors that are strictly Waveworms: Sweet Potatoe Pie, and Pumpkin Orange I think its called)

3. GYCB Kreature (Black/blue flk, Greenpumpkin, Watermelonred)

4. Zoom Baby Brush Hog (Greenpumpkin, Watermelonred, Black/blue)

5. Sweet Beavers (California 420, Hematoma "which is basiclly black/blue")

6. GYCB Fat Ika (Greepumpkin, Black/blue flk, Watermelon seed)

7. Zoom Super Flukes (Baby Bass, Pearl White, Albino)

8. Zoom U-Tail Worm ( Junebug, Pumpkinseed, Pumpkinseed Chart)

9. Berkley Powerworm 4-7 1/2inch ( Watermelon seed, Greenpumpkin, Camo, Red Shad, Pumpkinseed, Motor Oil, Black, Tequila Sunrise)

10. Yum Wooly Hawgtail (Greenpumpkin, Watermelonred)


1. Booyah Baby boo 3/16-5/16 ounce (Black/Blue, Watermelonred, Peanut Butter Jelly, Greenpumpkin)

2. Terminator Finesse Jig (Black/blue, Greenpumpkin)

3. Strikeking Bitsy Bug 1/16 ounce - 1/4 ounce (Black/blue, Greenpumpkin, Black)

4. Terminator Pro's Top Secret Jig 1/4 ounce (Black/blue, Greenpumpkin)

Jig Trailers

1. Yum Chunk 2.75 - 3.5 inch (Black/blue flk, Greenpumpkin, Watermelonred, Bluefleck)

2. Zoom Super Chunk (Black/blue, Greenpumpkin)

3. Netbait Paca Chunk (Black/blue, Watermelonred, Greenpumpkin)

4. Strike King Rage Tail Chunk (Black/blue flk, Greenpumpkin)

5. GYCB Hulagrub (Black/blue flk, Greenpumpkin)

6. Powerbait Chigger Craw cut in half (Black/blue flk, Greenpumpkin)

7. Powerbait 4inch Single Tail Grub works well on white jigs for swimming/fishing a jig a little faster as a baitfish imitation (White, Pearl/blue flk)

There is ALWAYS something to buy when it comes to new baits ;D.

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Just wait till spawning season. I dont even tell the guys in my club about the crawbug during the spawn, I dont even rig one until we get where we are going. It is one of my most closely guarded secrets.

Put it on a pro model Spot Remover and see what happens. :)


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Terminator 1/2oz Football Jig Black and Blue

Terminator 1/2oz Pro's Top Secret Jig Chart/black & black and blue

"             " 1/4oz "                                                                     "

All Terrain Jigs 1/2oz Black and Blue


Berkley 4" Craw (Match jig colors)

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Id get some terminater top secret jigs in 1/2 oz in various colors

bageley balsa b 2's there onsale right now at bps

Kreatures, Fat Ikas, Senkos

spro frogs

luckycraft sammy 100

terminater custom or t-1

any heddon topwaters

jitterbug hulapopper

rapala dt series

smithwick devel horse

rat l traps

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I carry a small tackle bag I call my Attack Bag filled with baits I've proven to work under most any circumstance; here's a look inside

Gene Larew 7 ½ Salty Ring Worm in the following colors:

Cinnamon Pepper Neon/June Bug Laminated (Camouflage)

Junebug/Blue Tail

Black Blue

Black Neon

Gene Larew Salty Hawg Craws in 4, 5, & 6 in the following colors:

Black Blue

Junebug/Blue Claw

Black Neon

Lizards in the following colors:

Black Blue

Black Neon

Watermelon Neon

Zoom Trick Worms in the following colors:

Cinnamon Pepper Neon/June Bug Laminated (Camouflage)

Watermelon Neon

Oldham's Lures Trailer Hitch Jig, ¼ oz, 3/8 oz, ½ oz, & 5/8oz


Black Neon

Bill Lewis's Rat-L-Trap ½ oz:

Red Chrome

Gold Black Back & Orange Belly

Stanley Wedge Plus ½ oz Spinner Bait

Double Gold Willow Leaf-N-White Skirt

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