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Whats Your setup?

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i was just wondering what other people use out there. I would consider myself a weekend angler and i do alot of shore fishing. i just want to see what people are useing and whats there basic setups for fishing.

My setups

7ft 2 in carrot stick with david fritts cranking reel

7ft skeet rod for spinnerbaits and worms

6ft 7in carrot stix spinning rod for all soft plastics

also a couple other bait casters that i pretty much use with everything from jigs to top water and such.

let me know what u guys got out there

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Rod 1 - St. Croix Avid AC62MXF - 6'2" Medium Extra Fast Quantum Accurist AC501CX 6.2:1 -12lb Fluorocarbon. Baitcaster - Spinnerbaits, Texas Rigged Worms

Rod 2 - St. Croix Premier PC66MHM - 6'6" Medium Heavy Moderate - Daiwa Megaforce 100TSH 7.1:1 - 10lb Mono - Baitcaster

Shallow Crankbaits, Lipless Crankbaits

Rod 3 - St. Croix Premier PS66MF - 6'6" Medium Fast - Okuma Avenger 5.0:1 - 12lb Mono - Spinning Reel

Senkos, Tubes, Jerkbaits

Rod 4 - St. Croix Premier PC66MHF - 6'6" Medium Heavy Fast - Johnny Morris JMX10SHA 7.1:1 - 12lb Fluorocarbon - Baitcaster


Rod 5 - St. Croix Premier PC70HM - 7'-0" Heavy Moderate - Johnny Morris JMX10SC 5.4:1 12lb fluorocarbon -Baitcaster

Deep Crankbaits

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I don't really feel like listing all 12. The reels are all Revo's and Daiwa's. Various rods Falcon's, American Rodsmith's, Daiwa's. Rodsmiths being the majority.

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Quantum Code/6'6''M Pro Qualifier

Quantum Energy "Burner"/7'MH St. Croix Avid

Pflueger Patriarch 64LP/7'MH Kistler Magnesium TS

Pflueger Patriarch 71LP/7'H Kistler Magnesium TS

Shimano Curado 200e7/7'MH Dobyns Savvy

Shimano Curado 200e7/7'Mag-H Powell 705c

Shimano Curado 200e7/7'6''Mag-H Powell 766

Shimano Curado 200e5/7'MH Lucky Craft Cranking Series

Daiwa Alphas 103/7'M Daiwa Zillion

Daiwa Sol/6'10''MH e21 Carrot Gold

Daiwa Zillion 100SHA/7'H Dobyns Savvy Series

Daiwa Fuego/7'MH Damiki Dark Angel

Revo Toro 50HS/7'9''MH Dobyns 795ML


Mitchell Avocet Gold/6'6''M Berkley Lightening Rod

Shimano Stradic CI4 2500/7'M Damiki Dark Angel

Quantum Energy 30PTiA/7'4''MH Quantum Superlite (Just purchased like an hour ago)

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6'6" Shimano Compre medium/fast tip, BPS Extreme 6.4:1 reel, 12# Vanish Transitions fluorocarbon = jerkbaits

6'6" Shimano Compre medium heavy/fast tip, BPS Extreme 7.1:1 reel, 14# Vanish Transitions fluorocarbon = jigs/t-rigs (anything fished on the bottom)

6'6" St. Croix medium/fast tip, BPS Extreme 6.4:1 reel, 12# Vanish Transitions fluorocarbon = spinnerbaits/buzzbaits (got rod free, stiffer than same rod in Shimano Compre so used for this)

6'0" Quest LS-7 medium, BPS Extreme 5.4:1 reel, 12# Vanish Transitions fluorocarbon = shallow to medium diving crankbaits (rod feels like a MF in action, does not state this though, using for cranks based on softness of blank)


6'6" Quantum Dance Class medium, Pflueger President 6035 reel, 10# Stren mono = inline spinners, topwaters (rod feels fairly stout but also flexible so works well for this)

6'0" Quest LS-7 medium, Pflueger Trion 4730 reel, 8# Stren mono= smaller inline spinners, weightless plastic worms, shakeyheads

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I have five set ups right now.

1. 7' Custom Allstar w/ Abu Black Max=Cranks, Traps

2. 6'6" HVY Custom Allstar w/ Abu Revo-S=Jig, Creature Baits

3. 6'6" MH Custom Allstar w/Abu Revo-S=Spinnerbaits

4. 6'8" MH Custom Shikari w/ Daiwa Excelor(7.1:1)=Worms

5. 6'6" MED American Rodsmiths (spinning) w/ Abu Cardinal 801=Weightless, Flukes, Trick Worms, Shakey Heads

That covers about everything for me.  I also use the spinning set up for white bass/hybrid fishing.  And I have a couple small crappie rigs that double as my nephews bass rigs.


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Dobyns 806 / Luna 30lb Fluoro / Swimbaits

Dobyns 805 / STX 80lb Braid / Punching

Dobyns 795 / Revo Inshore 65lb Braid / Swimbaits

Dobyns 784 / Zillion 16lb Fluoro / Deep jigs and C-Rig

Dobyns 765 / STX 65lb Braid 25lb Leader / Jigs

Dobyns 765 / STX 65lb Braid / Senkos

Dobyns 736 / STX 65lb Braid / Frog Fishing

Dobyns 734 / STX 50lb Braid 15lb leader / T-Rig baits

Dobyns 733 / Premier 15lb fluoro / Senkos

Dobyns 705CB / Revo Premier / Crankin and ripbaits

Dobyns 702/701 Spinning Rods - Tierra Reels - Finesse stuff.

Depending on where I'm fishing, my stuff changes. I have a few more rods that I don't use as much or that are duplicates for the same stuff.

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Here are my setups....

Carrot Stix Gold 6'10" MH w/Curado 200E7 15lb invizix T-Rig Plastics

Dobyns 704C w/Citica 17lb XPS fluoro Jigs

Kajun Limb 7ft Heavy w/Citica 50lb powerpro frogs and jigs

Powell 683c w/Curado 20lb powerpro small spinnerbaits and senkos

BPS Rick Clunn Heavy w/old Quantum reel 50lb powerpro punching mats

I have a few other casting rods and spinning rods that I rotate in and out but the above are my most frequently used.

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5 Allstars with Revo STX 7.1:1

4 Castaways with Revo SX & STX 6.4:1 & 7.1:1

3 Falcons with several different reels on them

3 G Loomis with Pflueger Patriarch 7.1:1

Depends on the time of year and lake as to what goes in the boat

Others litter the garage that never see water anymore.

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1.) dobyns 702dx/ shimano core 50- finesse

2.) dobyns 703c/ 2010 revo premier- light jigs and trigs

3.) dobyns 763c/shimano curado 100d- senkos

4.)dobyns 704c/ shimano curado 200dhsv-piching jigs &trigs

5.) dobyns 784dxml/ shimano chronarch d7- jigs & crigs

6.) powell 734/ shimano e5- spinnerbaits& hollowbody swimbaits

7.) Powell 735/shimano e7 - frogs

8.) dobyns 795/ curado 300dsv- swimbaits

9.) dobyns savvy 766/ daiwa zillion 100sha- flipping/punching

10.) dobyns 806/ okuma induron 400- big swimbaits

11.) okuma guide select 766 heavy/ shimano Cardiff 300- swimbaits

12.) okuma guide select 766 med heavy/ shimano curado 200dhsv- punching and swimbaits

13.) quantum tour edition 7'9" swimbait special/ shimano chronarch bsv- wake baits & punkers

14.) shimano crucial 6'9" drop shot/ daiwa Tierra 2500- dropshot

15.) shimano cumara 7'0" heavy reaction/ shimano core 100mg- lipless cranks and topwater

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St. croix avid 7'm/m citica 200DPV

St croix prem 6'6m/f citica 100DSV

Kistler hel. LTA 7 mh/f  fuego

St croix avid7 m/f  sahara 2500

Mojo 7 m/f  pflueger president 6730

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