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  1. The double oak is excellent. Ardbeg is a great starting point for beginners of scotch. Nice peat, light smoke.
  2. It's quite delicious. Just found a eh taylor single barrel as well. Excited to try it.
  3. 1-2 pots a day. Black. Hot/ warm/ cold.
  4. After playing around in the mud all day, figured a glass was in order. Time to grill some chops and enjoy the good weather!
  5. That redbreast is a gorgeous pour. Top 5 Irish I've had. Visited a bourbon drop at the local grocery today. Was able to snag some great bottles. Having a glass of weller now.
  6. Negative! I'm central Illinois. I try not to go north, unless I'm heading to WI.
  7. I've got another out there on the 26th. I've got a few people letting me know the status of the plant. I'll let you know.
  8. Had my tournament on Newton Sunday. Lake fished awfully tough. Plant has been down for two weeks broken, so entire lake was sitting at 48-49. Caught 6 fish all day, two that were 17 ³/⁴", and one that just barley hit 18. Thankfully that one fish was good enough to get me 4th place. Only one boat was able to get their limit of 3, good for 13.xxlbs
  9. Lowrance shows them out of stock. Haven't looked into Russell.
  10. I've looked through the internet and struggling to find the correct one. Only one's I've really seen are on sketchy websites
  11. Looking for a screen sun cover for my hds12 gen 2 touch. Below is the correct part #. If you have one laying around hit me up 000-11032-001
  12. 7 days away, until first tournament of the year. Be on Newton lake. Water looks to be warmer than the day will
  13. A thick cut ribeye, cooked to medium rare. Don't get any better.
  14. If you were to only have one, what would it be? Thanks
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