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    Southern Maine
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    Between 3-4 lbs
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    Largemouth & Smallmouth
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    The one I live on, Mousam Lake in Acton, Maine. Actually, I don't have much experience anyplace else. It's where my home and boat are stationed.

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    guitar, portrait painting, Luthiery, family, lately... baitmaking.

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    Retired Teacher. We live on a lake in Maine. I fished a LOT as a kid and got back into it a couple of years ago upon retirement. And more recently have begun making lures. 

    My boat is an electric converted sailing catamaran. I like to build things. It works great.

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  1. So, I made this bait using some holographic foil from a craft store. Been wanting to try it for some time now. It had it's challenges as it's not actually foil but a plastic. It forms with the use of a heat gun though. And no, I don't sell anything with my videos. I just like the process of filming and putting the thing together after.
  2. Unemployment hit 3% here in Maine last week. Lowest in history. Anyone wanting to work can work. All over the country, hardly anyplace that doesn't have 'hiring' signs up. It's an employee's market. If they don't want to work someplace because of conditions, pay, management or some other reason there are plenty of places wanting to poach them. Now, if this sounds like so spoiled worker talk wait until the worm turns as it always does and it's an employers market. Lower pay, take it or leave it there are plenty of people waiting to step in if you don't measure up. Leave, we've found someone better, bye.
  3. I spent the past couple of days making a 'mohawk lure'. Ya, I know, cabin fever up here in Maine is getting bad. Anyway, it was an interesting diversion into something a bit different. Check it out.
  4. Ya, I was just sitting there looking at it an stuff comes to me so I had to try. weird that way.
  5. I had an old hair clipper hanging around. My attempt at making an air brush cleaner from it. Time will tell if it works well. I did a video about it should you care to see how it was done. It's pretty short.
  6. A shot from my drone of Mousam lake in Southern Maine. 4.5 miles long. One in a string of 22 lakes in the immediate area. My avatar picture is a shot of it from my front door as I live on this lake. Bass, crappie, pickeral, And Salmon and trout in the spring after fall stocking.
  7. There was a ton of coverage on why it wasn't shot down. Here's the lowdown on what I heard toda on PBS. Every station, well almost every one, clearly outlined the reasons. 1. The pentagon couldn't guarantee no damage to property or the safety to people. 2. They decided to wait until it was traveled and crossed to the ocean. 3. The pentagon had successfully blocked all transmissions from the balloon's equipment. 4. It didn't have cameras, they have satellites for that, that can do a better job. 5. It likely had radiation sensors, atmospheric sensors (for some reason) and equipment to collect military radio traffic. 6. The decision had come from the Whitehouse with military recommendation to shoot it down on Wednesday. 7. Shooting it down over the ocean in about 50 ft of water would help to make an easy recovery and have more of it survive the fall. 8. It had to be hit with a rocket from a plane because it was 10,000 feet higher than the fighter could fly so bullets wouldn't work.
  8. Moxie used to be better. I had a very bitter taste. Coca Cola took it over and changed the formula to make it more amenable to the general public. Same taste but not nearly as good.
  9. You haven't had something so bad it's good until you've had Moxie. The official state drink of Maine.
  10. look into an EGO single stage... the make 2 of them. The one with the metal auger. i've got several of their tools and have ditched engines. You can see them in action on youtube in a number of videos. I live in Maine an have a 2 stage but for 3-6" of snow these things will work just fine. Up to a foot actually.
  11. Yes. I don't go out of my way for tacos but if I do it's beef.
  12. A waste of fish! Atlantic Haddock is my fish of choice but I wouldn't shred it in a taco. Maybe sardines.
  13. What's up with postal among other things. Take Fedex for example. If you wanted to send a Christmas card via Fedex it would cost around $15 They put it in one of thier little bubble wrap packages and ship it. They can charge what they want and don't have to take the little stuff. Parcel shipping pays. USPS will do this: They will pick a Christmas card up at my mailbox in Maine, and fly it 3000 miles to my nephew in California for the price of a postage stamp. And they are obligated to do this with billions of pieces of mail. There are shortages of carriers, they confiscated all the machine sorters and dismantled them recently and several other things but basically they're made to run a business that should break even when It's an impossibility with the pricing and obligations.
  14. ha... found on the internet... Philly! The Ocean City reel company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania opened its doors for business in 1922 and in 1934 bought out the Montague Rod & Reel Company. Later acquisitions included the Edward vom Hofe Company in 1939.
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