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  1. I might pick up a couple rkcrawlers to throw this year. Only issue is here, I’m usually wading and a lot of places can’t go retrieve the lures when they get snagged bad and can’t pull off. Good looking crank though. Wow, added to above post, was just looking at Bandits…they have went up as well. I think I bought about 50 on sale a few years ago at $3.99 a piece. Guess I shouldn’t have given so many away!
  2. I have caught more smallmouth on Bandit 200s in Rootbeer color, here in our shallow rivers, than any other crankbait. Rapala F7/9 and Rebel craws were the plugs of my youth and I still use them at times.
  3. Been using this one for similar uses that you describe and don’t want for anything else. Loomis SJR 781 6’6” Light/fast. Stradivarius 2500, 15lb PP and 5-8lb mono leader. I throw a ton of 1/8 oz jigs on this rod. Before I used an IMX mag-light that I loved, but it was only 6’ and I wanted a little more length. I’ve liked the light and ML IMX spinning rods for a long time, and have picked a bunch up used, but in great shape for $150 or so. Sadly after 20 years I’m moving away from Shimano and Loomis rods due to their warranty being a joke now. Oops, meant to attach pic.
  4. I need to hit the New River more this year. Usually when I have half a day + to fish we go to South Holston or Boone though. 40+ at Boone is an awesome day! I haven’t been in 3 weeks but had some luck on the A rig and jigs last time out. Stripers we’re busting but we couldn’t get on them that day. You guys ever throw the Nikki Hellgrammite? Was thinking about the younger days of fishing with live ones and how good they worked. The Nikkos look pretty good, might grab a few bags to try when the water is warm enough to wade. Still slow going. Struggling to catch 5 per day so far. Should heat up soon though. 2 best from the river this year:
  5. Only thing I’m 100% done with is fly fishing.
  6. I’m probably way behind on what’s new/good/popular, but I’ve been using PowerPro main line and Maxima Ultragreen leader forever now and haven’t found a reason to switch.
  7. I’ve always bought my Loomis rods at a small local shop. Never paid anywhere close to retail.
  8. I wish I could go back to those simpler times! No money and all the time in the world, oh to be young again.
  9. I’m hoping to try a little more top water this year. Haven’t done a ton in the past but it was fun when they were on!
  10. Oh yea, Ive known Barry all my life, good guy. Don’t know the rest but I watch their shows. Makes me want a jet boat.
  11. First if the year, no size but always happy to catch that first one.
  12. Anyone else fish our small rivers here in southwest VA and northeast TN? Curious as to what your go to baits are… Going through my stuff, I have a pile of about anything you can think of. 90% of the time, I’m throwing: 1/8oz jig, either black/blue or green pumpkin Finesse TRD type Ned rig X-Rap or similar jerk bait 4” or 5” Senko, T or wacky rigged weightless, Junebug or Babybass Runners up are 200 Series Bandit cranks in Rootbeer, Pearl White or Babybass flukes and occasionally a ~3” Swimbait on 1/8oz head. For numbers and/or size I haven’t found anything to match the above.
  13. Kinda new to the forum thing, but this seems like a good place to hang out. Lifelong (37) Hunter and fisherman. Vast majority of my fishing is done on our local rivers here in southwest VA. Hoping to get out more this year than ever. Been fishing these rivers for 30 years and still have a lot to learn. Hoping to become smarter about the bass, instead of just relying on time spent on water. First trip yesterday in the old, extremely uncomfortable canoe. Slow slow slow day, but managed 3 between me and a buddy over about 2.5 hours fishing. Actually one of the better largemouths I’ve seen from the river in a long time. (Even though green bass don’t count right? Lol)
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