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Terrova Noise

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A friend is having problems with a Terrova 101.  It's an older motor, about 5 seasons at this point, one I had for 4 years before selling it to him.

His boat sat for a quite a while late summer, and he took it out about a week and a half ago...TM sounded awful, but ran OK.

He called me today, trying to diagnose the problem...first thing I told him was to get the prop off, make sure there was nothing he's run through that was wrapped 'round the shaft that was giving him grief...and to make sure he hadn't bent the shaft.

Both check out OK.

Video linked below, any ideas?

http://vid189.photobucket.com/albums/z239/groznak/Misc boat stuff/20161001_180649_zpsvnvzundj.mp4


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The minn kota electric steers are notorious for making a lot of noise especially when you turn.  Is it possible that this is just the normal noise that it makes?  My Father has about a 10 year old Power Drive and its very loud compared to a cable steer model.

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I don't buy the "notorious" description...but no, that's not it.

As I said, I owned this motor for 4 years, it was not making noise at the beginning of the summer.

If you watch the video, you can hear the noise happens when the prop shaft is turning.

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Mine did the same thing. It has not been used in around a year. Ran it a few minutes and the sound stopped. Been over 10 months and it worked good last week.

Hope it holds up until I get the new Ulterra.



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