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"Luggage Scale" / Digital Scale - 1 Year Report

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In October 2015, we had a discussion titled: Do You Have To Spend Big Bucks For An Accurate Scale?  As part of that discussion, board member @Fisher-O-men recommended an inexpensive scale available on eBay (usually advertised as a "luggage scale") as a candidate. Curious, I ordered two of those scales from an eBay seller for about $4 each shipped (and you can still find them on eBay even cheaper than that). 

Upon receipt of the scales, I load tested them as I do all of my digital scales and found them to be VERY accurate, and repeatable, and were as good or better than the $15 to $20 Rapala scales that I had in service. That initial load test was documented in this post back in October 2015:

On 10/26/2015 at 5:55 PM, Goose52 said:

Fisher-O-men:   I had seen you post about these "luggage" scales a number of times in our periodic 'what's a good scale' threads. Finally, I had to see for myself.  I ordered two of these scales and received them within a couple days.  A whopping $7.98 for TWO scales, shipped !

Here's the scales (labeled unit 1 and 2) and the test weight.  The scales are very small (2" W x 3.5" L), they will weigh in either kilograms, pounds, ounces, and a Chinese measurement - the Jin (whatever the heck that is), and have separate buttons for power, unit of measure, and tare.  They seem to be reasonably well-made and all the buttons/features work properly.  The hooks are too small for my method of weighing (gill slit) but they could be replaced with larger hooks or used along with a fish grip.


So, how do they weigh - good, bad, or ugly?  Actually, they are VERY accurate. Here's Unit 1 under load - reading 9.80 pounds - dead-on the test weight.


Here's Unit 2 under load - reading 9.81 pounds - less than .01 pound over the test weight.


Both scales were also very repeatable - powering down the units and then powering back up and re-applying the load nearly always resulted in the same weight. The biggest observed variance was .02 pound (less than 1/3 of an ounce).

Remarkable as it might seem, these scales are the equal of, if not more accurate, than the Rapala scales that I have been using. I do have 6 years of field experience with the Rapala scales and have a good idea of their continued accuracy and reasonable durability over that time.  The long term serviceability of these little luggage scales is unknown.

Load cell technology has certainly reached bargain prices, even for an off-shore product. Given the results of this quick load-testing, I feel that the $7.98 was well-spent.  Even if someone did not want to use this scale for daily use, it would serve well as a back-up scale to keep in the boat, tackle bag, car/truck, etc.  

Assuming these things will continue to work properly (and Fisher-O-men apparently has had good luck with them), there is absolutely NO reason for anyone NOT to have a scale  (except for those that don't want to know that their "6 pounders" actually weigh about 3.5 pounds... :lol: ).


Then, later in that thread, I posted this:

On 2/1/2016 at 5:12 PM, Goose52 said:

Just a follow-on to the "luggage scale" that I reported on earlier in this thread...

Starting in January, I placed one of these scales in service ("Unit 1") and will use it as my primary bank-fishing scale for all of this year. Unit 1 continues to read dead-on the 9.80 pound test weight and we'll see where it ends up at the end of the year. Also to be observed is battery life (2-AAA) on this scale as compared to the 9v battery used on the Rapala scales.

As shown in the below photo, I did have to remove the stock, small hook and replace it with 3 links of chain and a hook borrowed from one of my Rapala scales.  So far, I'm liking this little scale. It disappears in the belt pack that I wear bank-fishing and powers up fast.

I ESPECIALLY like the "Lock" feature (see the photo, top-right of the LCD display). When the scale senses that the load is static, it locks the weight and retains that weight until you clear it or after a set period when it will zero the scale. A handy feature that allows me to weigh the fish, get it back in the water, then record the weight. Perhaps other digital scales have this feature, but my Rapala scales do not.

I've set a reminder in my computer for early December to report back on how the scale fared over a years service.


Luggage Scale.JPG


So, as stated in the above quoted post, I have been using Unit 1 all of this year as my primary bank-fishing scale. This morning, I ran another load test on Unit 1 using the same 9.804 test weight and, still using the original supplied AAA batteries, the result was..............................the exact same 9.80 pound weight as on most previous tests (I did have one earlier load test on Unit 1 that pulled 9.77 - 1/2 ounce light). The batteries tested at 1.47v and 1.48v after nearly one year of service.  Replacing the batteries with fresh AAA's testing at 1.62v each, resulted in a measured weight of, wait for it..................................9.80 pounds.

Here is Unit 1 under load this morning:


Unit 1 after 1 year original batteries.JPG


So, as promised, here is the one year report. You can see from the above photo that Unit 1 is now a veteran with scratches, smudges, and fish slime as well as some of the original factory lettering starting to wear off. So, far, durability seems good.  I'll put another reminder in my computer for December 1, 2017 and we'll see how this unit performs over its second year of service.

Since the earlier thread, I purchased 2 more of these scales, and now have a total of 4 of them. The WORST unit (Unit 4) reads 1 ounce heavy on the 9.804 pound test weight - all the rest are within .02 pound (1/3 ounce) of the test weight. I use them for weighing stuff around the house, for weighing packages to determine postage, and for back-up to my other fishing scales. Oh, and I also use them for weighing luggage !  :lol:  FOUR of these scales cost about what ONE of my Rapala scales cost. Value delivered so far...

Given the accuracy, low cost, and apparent durability of these scales, there is NO EXCUSE for anyone NOT having an accurate scale. No more of those "look at this picture - how much do you think she weighs" threads - BUY a scale !  ;)  :lol:


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Nice, Goose. I think I might just have to pull the 
trigger and buy a pair of these for cheap. I have
wanted another digi-scale to have in addition to
my BogaGrip, but I don't want to spend much.

This looks like a good option. I'll Probably add a 
mini lip gripper to it, as well, if I buy.

Looks like it's up to $10.49 for one unit now. Still
a good deal unless one wants to order from China 
and wait till the end of December.

Found the same thing but 40kg for $6.99...

Edited by Darren.
updated info on pricing

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Based on FoM's posts, I, too, bought a pair of the same scales in early '15.

One was in my kayak gear and one was in my 'boat bag'.  The kayak scale lasted less than a year -- it was frequently exposed to the elements, and probably got pretty wet a couple times a month...sometimes more, especially on the rivers.

The boat scale lasted just fine, but it was far less likely to get soaked on an outing.  Once I moved it to the yak after number 1 died, this one, too only lasted another six months.  I will probably get another pair this winter, but I will first look into getting something a bit more 'water resistant'.  (Note: the Rapala scale that I had previously wasn't much, if any, better....and cost FAR more.)


5.52 from this guy in CA....more than I paid, but still not bad...a few at $3-4 from Hong Kong.....I've had generally pretty good luck shipping from China lately

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I got one too and have had it for about 4 or 5 months. I like that it takes aaa batteries instead of those flat 1.5 volt batteries like some other scales 

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Just a follow-up of this thread...


I scored a fairly good deal on some laboratory calibration weights on eBay - a set of eight 500 gram weights (~1.1 pounds each). I haven't a clue as to what  tolerance "class" these weights would be in but I imagine they are accurate to something less than a gram.  These weights allow for load testing my digital scales in 1.1 pound increments up to approximately 8.8 pounds (4 kilograms).  I tested Unit number 1 at every increment from 500 grams to 4000 grams. The scale read dead-on at each increment. I then added my 9.804 lb test weight to the stack for a calculated weight (in pounds) of 18.618 - the scale read 18.63 pounds (0.2 ounce heavy).


I then tested my other three units (at 1000 gram increments) and the biggest deviation was unit number 4 at 4000 grams where it read 4020 grams (0.7 ounces heavy)


Unit 1 at 4 kilograms:






Unit 1 at 18.618 pounds:






Documented results:


Luggage Scale Cal Results 2017-01-03.jpg


FOUR bucks each. Scary accurate.  Good enough for me...



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Hmm, I might have to buy one myself. I'm in need of a new scale for next season. Thanks Goose!

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