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WARRIOR PROJECT ... Merry Christmas to me!

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Okay ... this could get a little windy, but I really don’t care. If you’re interested in this effort, grab a coffee, beer, someone else’s beer, or whatever and plunge in. If you aren’t interested, at least look at the pics and read the last paragraph.


A few days ago, I received a PM from @.ghoti. letting me know he had some samples of stuff from vendors who support this site and offered to send me a few if I sent him my e-mail addy. He explained that this offer was being made because I was a veteran. Of course, as a skeptical senior citizen, I immediately leaped to the wrong conclusion. First, since I (as all of us elderly types are aware) am constantly being pummeled by gimmicks to buy insurance, hearing aids, drugs for conditions which I don’t have, step-in tubs, and contraptions to haul my sorry butt up and down the stairs; I attempted to politely decline. I also felt that if this really was a legit offer, there were plenty of members more deserving than I. Heck, I was in the submarine service during Nam; I wasn’t mucking through the jungle hoping my young self was not going to be subjected to little pointy projectiles entering me at a high rate of speed.  Nope. All I had to worry about was being locked in a boat designed to sink that was built by many high-tech companies, all of which were the lowest bidders!


Anyway, I did respond with my courteous “Thanks but no thanks,”  and put it out of my mind.  Didn’t take long for me to get another terse PM, “Check your e-mail.” With a rather grudging acknowledgement of his perseverance, I did.  Not gonna bore you any more with the explanation of why I couldn’t ignore his request. I’ll just show you three of the images in that e-mail down below.


I’m completely unable to tell you the emotions, the excitement, the feeling of gratitude for the honor bestowed by this organization. Furthermore, when my rod arrived yesterday, I held in my hands a work of art that I would never be justified in buying! To think I am going to fish with that next spring - that is mind-boggling!! And I can while away the winter trying to select (and save up for) a reel worthy of such a beautifully-crafted instrument.


LAST PARAGRAPH!!  (Okay ... TWO paragraphs!!)


Folks, the Warrior Rod Project is for real!!! And you don’t have to be a big-time member or a tournament-capable fisherman to be a recipient of this honor. Geez, if you look at my few comments, I would guess my ranking would fall somewhere between “minnow” and “crayfish poop on the bottom of the lake” but the point is that if you are a veteran, the folks in this organization care! I can never thank Gary, or all the donors who made this happen enough, but I know every future fishing trip will be much richer because of the members of Bass Resource.


And just one final thought: I took some of the bucks I was saving for a new swim bait rod and sent them to @roadwarrior.  (Send him a PM and he’ll provide all the info you need.) After all, I’ve got a long winter ahead to save up for more toys. Can’t give a lot but I hope I can help another veteran share this experience. If you’re a vet and you’ve been a beneficiary of this group’s largesse, maybe you can pay it forward. And if you aren’t a veteran, maybe you can chip in something to say, “Thanks” to a veteran. Trust me on this. You have no idea how much it means to the recipient.


Thank you all,







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Sir, thank you for your service and congratulations on your new rod! Enjoy!

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The guys here are outstanding.  If you need help many have gone out of there way to help me.  I am so happy to see that you got one of his rods, and i am positive it will become a favorite. 

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First and foremost, Thank You for your service. Second, Let me add that your contribution as well as all vets in whatever capacity they served, is no less deserving of thanks and recognition than any other. Enjoy, I know you will.


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Just wanted to remind everyone that is interested in our Warrior Project that we are still

actively working on awarding custom rods to select members.  If there is a member you

would like to recommend, please send me a PM.


Also, our project is funded by Bass Resource members.  All of our volunteers work without

compensation so 100% of all donations go into the build. If you would like to contribute please

send me a note.


Thank you!


-Kent  a.k.a. roadwarrior

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