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Do you have a hard time getting motivated to go out in the rain even though you know that’s when the giants are crushing?

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On 6/23/2023 at 8:54 PM, islandbass said:

I live in the land of liquid sunshine. Rain is practically a given. If rain will stop you from fishing, bike riding or doing some outdoor activity in the pacific nw, you wouldn’t be able live here.

Sounds like a paradise right now given how much of the country is in drought, how hot it is down south, and how unhealthy our air is from wildfire smoke. Consider yourself lucky to be there with such weather at this time. It’s a lot worse in many other parts of the country right now.

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@gimruis: well said.  We went through the haze and pollution very similar to what is happening now, smoke everywhere and the burnt smell, and the sun even looked like a far away moon sometimes a different color. Last year, we hit our 100 degree summer weather, which hits roughly every 10-12 years. And of course, I had to build a stupid patio in the back yard in that heat. I felt every ounce of earth I dug, and moved out, and every 50lb sack of sand I carried and poured and every 60lb bag of gravel. I think I only went fishing 3 times last summer, lol. 

I’d be so exhausted that I didn’t even feel like fishing and that is rare! Anyway, the pacific nw is fairly temperate weather and as much as I kind of like the rain, it can really get to you at times. It’s hardly ever a deluge, just a drizzle, gray skies for weeks. Slow enough that your regular wiper setting is too fast and the interval setting if limited like in my wife’s car might be too slow such that you have go manual mode on a freeway where you’d think people living here should know how to drive in the rain. Oh wait, they might be from sunny California ?. You can also liken it to that annoying mosquito that buzzes around your ear buzzing close then far away and every time you try to smash it, you miss and slap yourself. Drizzle for days on end can do that to you ?

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On 6/19/2023 at 1:00 PM, A-Jay said:

Not a huge fan of fishing in a total down pour.

A somewhat lighter version of that is OK, especially when I'm getting bites.

Honestly, I'd much rather fish in the snow than the rain.

Don't knock it, till you try it.




Fishing in the snow can provide some of the prettiest views whether catching em or not. If im in a downpour I will keep fishing. If its spotty or a lighter drizxle i will go. But its hard for me to get motivated if its downpouring. And then there is always lightning. Thats a complete no go obviously.

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Love fishing in the rain. Eliminates 90%+ of my shore fishing competition, and I enjoy success more often than not on rainy days. Had MANY a great day creek fishing for steelhead and salmon. I actually if given a choice would much prefer a cloudy rainy 60-80* day VS a sunny 90* day as I absolutely LOATH the heat. 

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